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Andsuns NY Suns 9FIFTY Snapback


From Brooklyn to Tokyo, the Andsuns fam are reppin’ New York proud with their “NY Suns” 9FIFTY snapback. This cap comes in black, with white embroidery and a kelly green under-visor – a classic look that has stood the test of time. The front displays has the “NY Suns” logo; the side is stitched with the New Era flag and the back features “Andsuns” script. This piece is a no-brainer. Get it on your head and in your collection today. Connect with Zozotown Japan to get yours.


Andsuns The Planet Series 9FIFTY Snapbacks


Brooklyn meets Tokyo, on the latest 9FIFTY snapback drop from the Andsuns camp. This collection looks to be a mashup between sports and streetwear. The collection features snapbacks in black and white or navy and red colorways. The front of the hats display a sports-inspired Andsuns logo; the side flies the New Era flag and the back displays the motto “Deeply Rooted.” You should get these caps deeply rooted into your collection. Connect with Battle Line to get yours. Don’t sleep!


AndSuns 9FIFTY Snapbacks


Straight from the streets of Japan, Andsuns are back with a fresh New Era drop to ring in the new year! This snapback comes in a black crown, featuring a woodland camo or grey visor, and white embroidery. The front of the cap displays the Andsuns hit; the side flies the New Era flag and the back features the motto “remember where you are.” Don’t forget about this latest release from the Andsuns camp. This 9FIFTY drop is available now via Justice Style & Fashion. Scoop up a cap today to add to your collection.


Andsuns 9FIFTY New Era Snapbacks


Japan-based Andsuns are showing love from Tokyo to Brooklyn with their latest 9FIFTY collaborative snapback drop. This snapback comes in two color choices: black or black with a red contrast visor and detailing. The front displays Andsuns-related embroidery; the side flies the New Era flag and the back displays “Brooklyn Love” script. Step up your international snapback game. Show love to Brooklyn and Tokyo with this 9FIFTY snapback release from the Andsuns camp. Cop it now at Justice Style & Fashion.


Andsuns “Liberty” 9FIFTY Caps


The Andsuns are back with the 9FIFTY “Liberty” collection. These caps come in three colorways and feature symbolic embroidery on the front, the New Era flag on the side and MMXI - the Roman Numeral for 2014 – on the back. If you need to add some fresh streetwear caps to your collection this year, don’t sleep on this release. They are available now at And Suns.




The Andsuns crew are in it to win it with their latest New Era snapback release. The 9Fifty features the “Out to Win” embroidery on the front crown with the Andsuns embroidery on the rear. Two colorways are available in black/white or graphite/black. These hats are now at Justice45. …more

Andsuns Fame City APPLE NEW ERA


Andsuns connects the dots and New York meets Tokyo with the Apple 9Fifty New Era snapback. The hat features a black or navy body with Big Apple embroidery in the shape of an apple while the back of the hat has the 1Love ASuns hit. Check it out now via the official Andsuns webshop. …more

Andsuns Down By Law New Era


Andsuns seems to continuously put out gear that sells out rather quickly among their fans. Last week it was the “Crew Till Death” 9Fifty and this week its the “Down By Law” snapback. The front crown is grazed with branded banner logo. This is now available via Full Spec.


Andsuns Crew Till Death 9Fifty Snapback


Established in Tokyo, Andsuns has been innovating since 2003! If you’ve been tuning into to us on the regular then you know that they’ve released several interesting pieces over their existence as a brand. Now they want to know, Are you Andsuns Crew Till Death?. If you are then you can grab their “Crew” snapback now via Treasure Box.


ANDSUNS Jihad New Era Snapback


Last week Andsuns revealed their latest New Era known as the Jihad 9Fifty New Era snapback. A second colorway has surfaced featuring the Jihad theme in a woodland camo shell with black brim and contrasting logo on the front crown. Now available via Zozotown.



Andsuns Jihad New Era 9Fifty Snapback


Founded in June 2003 is Japanese based brand Andsuns. They’ve released a preview of their next New Era release slated for this 2014 known as the Jihad 9Fifty snapback. The cap features a simple black body with white sword, Andsuns embroidery, star, and cobras. Be on the lookout for this soon via the Andsuns camp.




Andsuns keeps your keys looking fresh with its “BKNY” themed New Era Cap Key Holder. The piece features a black body with white BKNY 3d raised embroidery on the front inverted in white. You can grab this now at Think Tank.




The Andsuns team cleans up with the second release of their “Street Sweeper” New Era snapback hat. It comes equipped with a black shell featuring the “Sweeping our streets clean since two thousand and three” and in between that threading is the Andsuns logo. The 9Fifty hat also features a camo brim, with “Street Sweepers” embroidery and broom. This new Andsuns piece is available via Justice 45.



Andsuns BKNY New Era 9Fifty Snapback Cap

Representing Brooklyn New York is the ANDSUNS Japanese label with its BKNY 9Fifty New Era Snapback hat. Check it out in Red, Black or navy with classical kelly green underbills. The back of the cap features the Andsuns logo with “We Come From BKLYN, Baby” embroidery in contrasting color. Available at Full Spec.



Andsuns 9Fifty New Era

Andsuns get’s creative and releases the “UP YOURS” 9Fifty New Era hat. Available in two colorways, black and camo, the “UP YOURS” design features a swerved up snake AS logo that steers away from it’s classic lock up. The back of the piece has a word bubble embroidery with “Up Yours And Suns!” Check it out now via Battleline.



Andsuns 9Fifty New Era

The Andsuns camp intros it’s latest summer 2013 New Era cap release. The Shazam 9 Fifty snapback design comes in two colors with embroidery that pops out the front of the cap like SHAZAM!! Shout it out at the top of your lungs it feels good. The back of the caps feature the WICKED 10 hit above the plastic snapback enclosure. CHECK it out via FULLSPEC.


Andsuns Trust No One New Era

Trust No One New Era

The Andsuns brand out of Japan unleashes it’s next New Era for summer 2013 and says Trust No One! Not your family, your friends and especially the American Government. In my opinion the hat should rather than say trust no one read “I’m Paranoid”. People you need to have trust. If you don’t your around the wrong crowd. But if your in a situation and trust might be an issue in your life then available in grey and camo is the Trust No One 9Fifty New Era via Andsuns.


Andsuns All City Snapback

Andsuns New Era

The “All City” Andsuns New Era 9Fifty is their latest New Era collabo to hit the seen! It features a black body with a tonal white and black embroidery patch on the front crown with, Andsuns, two cobras, star and fist. The back of the cap has the All City Roof Top Defense League hit in white, Available via Justice 45.



Brooklyn Andsuns New Era

The Andsuns team from Japan keeps the Spring releases flowing with their latest “Brooklyn” 9Fifty New Era snapback. The Brooklyn Andsuns hats feature a black/red and navy/white color combination with the “We come from Brooklyn Baby!” motif. Now available via Full Spec.