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Batman Face 9FIFTY Snapback


The Dark Knight is watching over Gotham and letting the crooks and villains that plague the city know that he’s had enough with the “Batman Face” 9FIFTY cap. This Original Fit snapback comes in a grey crown, with an image of a mean-faced Batman on the front left panel, superimposed with the Bat-Signal on the front. This hat features a black contrast visor, with a yellow bottom and a black adjustable snap on the back. The villains of Gotham better watch out now that this snapback is on the streets. Stay on the side of justice and order in Gotham City and support The Caped Crusader as he fights crime. Purchase this bat cap today at New Era Europe.


Avengers & Batman 59FIFTY Caps


From the Avengers headquarters all the way to the Batcave, get suited up in fitteds from some of your favorite heroes from both the DC and Marvel worlds. This latest drop from Superhero Stuff includes headwear from Batman, Black Widow and Hawkeye. These caps keeps it simple and clean. They come in black, and feature character logos on the front, with embroidery colors inspired by each these iconic characters. Whether you’re a fan of the Dark Knight, or the Avengers, it’s time to assemble one of these fresh fitteds into your cap cave. Add some superhero style to your fitted game. Connect with Superhero Stuff to get yours – it’s where the heroes shop!


Batman Gotham City Police SWAT 59FIFTY Cap


Gotham City’s SWAT team face a tough job everyday, having to contend with criminals such as the Joker, Penguin, Killer Croc, Bane and all of their cronies. Show your support to the Gotham’s boys in blue and let the Dark Knight know you’re on the side of justice in the Gotham City Police Department SWAT 59FIFTY cap. This hat comes in two-tone blue. The front dipslays the Gotham City Swat team shield and the side flies the New Era flag. Stand up to the crooks, villains and criminals of Gotham City. Purchase this fitted today at Superhero Stuff – it’s where the heroes shop!


Batman v Superman SDCC2015 New Era Cap


To commemorate the “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailer that premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con 2015 this promotional New Era cap was released. The hat comes in black, with white and red embroidery. The front is embroidered with the Batman v Superman logo; the side flies the New Era flag and “San Diego 2015” script is on the back. Unfortunately, this comic cap was only available at the event. So if you didn’t attend, you may have a hard time finding one. New Era were kind enough to give people an exclusive look at this cap via social media. What did you think of the “Batman V Superman” trailer, are you stoked for this upcoming movie? We’re hopeful that as the release of this film approaches, we’ll hear more news about any upcoming caps from this highly anticipated movie. Stay tuned here at this same cap-time, same cap-channel for all the latest info.


Batman: Arkham Knight 9FIFTY Snapback


Root for the villains of Gotham City in a 9FIFTY snapback! This cap was released in conjunction with the “Batman: Arkham Knight” video game. The crown of the hat displays an all-over highly detailed image of Harley Quinn, who is grinning menacingly as Gotham City falls into chaos. In addition, the piece is also embroidered with the “Batman: Arkham Knight” logo and features a vibrant red contrast visor. If you feel this is the cap that Gotham deserves, we know that you’re definitely not riding with the Dark Knight. Scoop up this villainous snapback now exclusively at Spencers. If you’ve been enjoying this title, this is a must-have cap to own so you can really get into character while you’re playing the game!


Batman 59FIFTY Cap


As the “Batman V Superman” movie slowly approaches, we have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot of Batman caps hitting the shops and the streets soon. Suit up early and ride for Gotham’s Dark Knight, as he prepares to battle Superman, in this latest Batman 59FIFTY cap from Japanese New Era retailer Onspotz. This fitted comes in a black, with a contrast grey visor and yellow and grey embroidery. The front displays the iconic Bat-signal; the side flies the New Era flag, and “Batman” script is on the back. Strike fear into the hearts of the crooks of Gotham City. Purchase this bat-cap today at Onspotz. …more

Batman Holiday 9FIFTY Snapback


Fighting crime in the cold, dark streets of Gotham city can take it’s toll. Even Batman has to take a holiday! The Dark Knight is enjoying some r&r on the beautiful beaches of Mexico with this 9FIFTY snapback that comes courtesy of New Era Mexico, and is available now at Soul Sneaker Boutique. This fun snapback features a grey crown, with a colourful wave adorned Bat-Signal on the front and a New Era flag on the side. The visor on this cap features a tropical print that displays Batman and the Justice League of America enjoying their time in the sun. Book your holiday with Batman and company today. Pick up this snapback now at Soul Sneaker Boutique.


Gotham City Batman 59FIFTY Caps


The streets of Gotham are heating up! Where do you stand in the battle for the city’s soul? Show your support to the Caped Crusader as he fights the crooks and villains that plague the Gotham City with these 59FIFTY caps from New Era Korea. Included in this drop are two fresh bat caps. The “Gotham City” 59FIFTY comes in black white white embroidery. The front displays “Gotham City” script in large, bold lettering; the side flies the New Era flag and “Batman” is on the back. Also available from this release is a Japanese manga-inspired fitted. It features a manga style Batman logo on the front, a New Era flag on the side and a Bat-Signal embroidered on the back to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the iconic DC Comics character. Stand up to crime in Gotham City, and let Batman know you’re riding with him. Pick up these latest Batman caps via New Era Korea to #FlyYourOwnBatSignal proud!


Batman New Era 9FIFTY


Support the Batman’s fight to keep the streets of Gotham City safe in this 9FIFTY snapback. This stunning snapback comes in shiny black PU material with yellow embroidery and detailing. The front displays the iconic Bat-Signal, with the New Era flag on the side, a yellow under-visor, and a yellow snapback. No need to go to Gotham to get this cap. It’s available now at Infinite UK. Pick up this bat cap to #FlyYourOwnSuperhero proud.


Batman “Vizasketch” 59FIFTY


Help keep the streets of Gotham City safe while rockin’ the Batman “Vizasketch” 59FIFTY. This is a classic Batman cap. It comes in black with yellow embroidery. The front displays the most well-known version of the Bat-Signal and the side flies the New Era flag. What makes this cap stand out is the comic sketch on the visor that features the Caped Crusader in an intimidating action pose. If you’re a DC Comics/Batman fan, shine your Bat-Signal, and #FlyYourOwnSuperhero wherever you go. Scoop this cap up now at Def Shop.


Batman Zombie New Era 9FIFTY Cap


Halloween is over, but that doesn’t mean you should pass up on this Zombie Batman 9FIFTY. DC Comics love to place their characters in alternate universes and this cap features the Black Lantern version of Batman. The hat comes in a grey crown with blue contrast visor and detailing. The front displays a grotesque human flesh hungry Batman. The under-visor displays an action pose of the Zombie version of the Caped Crusader and the right side features the Batman Black Lantern logo. If you’re a Batman fan, this is a spooky alternative that deserves a spot in your collection and on your head. #FlyYourOwnSuperhero proud, and pick it up at Superhero Stuff.


Batman New Era 59FIFTY Fitted Caps


Fly your own bat-signal proud in this latest bat-cap from New Era Europe – who always show the Caped Crusader support in his fight to rid Gotham City of villainous criminals. This cap comes in a grey crown with a black contrast visor and black embroidery. The front flies the Batman logo and the side displays the New Era logo. #SpeakWithYourBat proud! Connect with New Era Europe to get this fitted in your cap-cave.


Batman 2014 New Era Cap Collection @ On Spotz


No matter what side you stand on for the battle of Gotham City On Spotz have got your bat-cap game covered. Do you root for the villains of Gotham?  If you stand for the Caped Crusader’s vigilante efforts to rid the streets of Gotham from crime, there are a large number of Batman caps available that come in 9FIFTY snapbacks, 59FIFTY fitteds and even a toque to keep you warm. They include the yellow and black bat-signal on the center and also come in all-over patterns. There is also an all-over retro comic pattern fitted. Show what side you stand on in the fight for Gotham City. #SpeakWithYourCap and connect with On Spotz to pick out your hat.

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Batman Paisley Pattern 9FIFTY


Ever wondered what would happen if Batman’s world collided with Bruce Wayne’s swanky ties in the New Era factory? You would get this Paisley Batman 9FIFTY! This cap comes in white with black detailing. The hat features an all-over highly detailed paisley pattern, the front displays the Bat-Signal and the side flies the New Era flag. Don’t miss out on this unique cap. It’s currently available at Vanilla Underground. #SpeakWithYourBat and pick one up today!


Batman Bat Mobile 9FIFTY Snapback


New Era Europe recently linked up with the Caped Crusader to show him some support as he rids the streets of Gotham City from villainous criminals with this latest Bat-Snap. This 9FIFTY cap comes in black and displays a 1960s retro Batman logo in red with the New Era flag on the side. Let Batman know you appreciate all his efforts fighting crime. #SpeakWithYourBat and cop this snapback today at New Era Europe.


Reflecto Batman 9FIFTY at New Era Europe


Show your support to the Dark Knight in his fight against crime by adding this Reflecto 9FIFTY to your collection. The cap comes in a yellow crown with a grey reflective visor. The front is embroidered with a black Bat-Signal that produces a shadow effect on the visor. If you can’t stand thugs running around Gotham and ruining the city’s reputation, #FlyYourOwnBatSignal proud so Batman knows that you’re on his side. This snapback is available now at New Era Europe.


Batman Beveled 59Fifty Cap


Did you miss this one? The Batman Beveled New Era 59Fifty fitted cap is available at Super Hero Stuff. IT features a grey body with contrasting beveled Batman logo on the front crown. The hat seems to feature a rubber logo apposed to normal embroidered threading.  Check it out now via Super Hero Stuff. …more

Batman Gotham City Police 59FIFTY


When Batman fights crime he takes the law into his own hands usually out doing any villain he faces. Keeping Gotham city safe Batman for us is the “Police Department”. The Batman Character 59Fifty fitted hat displays the City of Gotham Police Department shield in a sleek 59fifty fitted hat. This piece is now available via New Era Europe. …more

Batman New Era 59Fifty


The Dark Night rises once again. This is a sick take on the classic Batman logo. The hat is all Gray with subtle Lime Green stitching on both the Batman and New Era logos along with a Lime Green underbrim. Limited sizes at


Batman New Era 59Fifty


Fans of Batman can go original with this latest 59fifty fitted hat release. Original you ask? Gray, royal and yellow are the traditional colors that Batman wore to fight crime. The grey is found on the front crown and brim while the rear is a blue. Available at New Era Europe.