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Coca Cola New Era Collection

Refresh your style in this brand new collaborative Coca Cola x New Era collection available now at Loja Kings. The details, designs and creativity have been taken to the next level on this release. These caps blend Coca Cola’s heritage with contemporary style. There is headwear available in 59FIFTY fitted, as well as 9FIFTY snapback and strapback silhouettes. The caps feature a wide variety of prints and fabrics, including suede, leather detailing, all-over prints, and an internationally-inspired cap. If you have a craving for a stylish and creative hat to add to your collection, quench your thirst with one of these refreshing Coke caps. Shop this collection today at Loja Kings.


Coca Cola Real Women’s 9FIFTY Snapback

New Era Europe know that – Women Can Wear Caps Too! Available now is this refreshing Coca Cola “Real” Women’s 9FIFTY snapback. This cap comes in black, with pink detailing and under-visor. The front displays a colorful Coca Cola “The Real Thing!” slogan; the side flies the New Era flag and the Coca Cola logo is on the back. Add a twist of fresh to your snapback style. Connect with New Era Europe to get this cap on your head and in your collection because – it’s The Real Thing!


Coca Cola x New Era Korea Exclusive!

Internationally known is the Coca Cola brand. Walk up to any person in the world, literally anywhere and they will know about Coca-Cola. A brand that in its first year of business only sold 25 bottles of the product. This collection says, well.. “look at me now”. The world famous Coca Cola brand and New Era connect in a huge way on multicultural level. See one with writing you can decipher? Grab them now exclusively via New Era Korea. …more

Coca Cola 9Fifty New Era Snapback Cap

Coca Cola is a drink of choice for many. As you can see from this latest Coca Cola New Era 9fifty release the price of the drink was only 5 cents at the beginning of times for customers. For Coca Cola collectors this hat is a must have. Check it out now via New Era Japan.


Refresh Yourself Coca Cola x New Era 9FIFTY Snapback

“Refresh yourself” in this Coca Cola x New Era snapback. It comes in all red with white detailing, similar to a Coke can. The front is embroidered with “Refresh Yourself.” The sides feature the New Era Flag and the classic Coca Cola logo. If you’re thirsty for a fresh new snapback pick this one up at New Era today!


New Era Japan Coca-Cola International 59FIFTY Collection

New Era Japan and Coca-Cola are taking you on a journey around the world with a cool and refreshing cap collection! This release includes three red and white fitteds that feature the iconic Coca Cola logos that are used in Japan, Taiwan and Morocco. These hats display the respective international Coke logo on the front and the New Era flag on the side. The caps also feature grey bottoms, giving them a classic look. Coca Cola drinkers will tell you, “things go better with Coke” – even fitteds! So have a Coke and a cap today. Order this happiness at New Era Japan and quench your thirst for these fresh fitteds before it’s too late! Coca-Cola New Era collaborations always sell out in no time. Always!


Coca-Cola International Collection @ Asphalt Gold

Hello! Konnichiwa! nǐ hǎo! If you love Coca-Cola refresh yourself in this international collection that features the Coca-Cola logo in English, and also, Chinese and Japanese characters. The caps come in the iconic Coca-Cola colorway and the New Era flag on the side. We’re pretty sure that New Era cap enthusiast/Coca-Cola lover Interstate19 is going to want to add one of these caps to his collection. Add some international flare to your hat and soda game – these cool, refreshing caps are available now at Asphalt Gold. …more

Coca-Cola x New Era Collection @ Cap Collector One

During the World Cup, iconic soft drink company Coca-Cola encouraged fans to “celebrate together.” Now it’s time to get fresh and retro together in the refreshing collaborative collection – where bottles and caps meet.  There are two hats included in this drop. The 59FIFTY comes in either red or black. The New Coke logo that was used by the company during the 1980’s is embroidered on the front in white, and the side displays the New Era flag. The second hat is a trucker hat 9FIFTY with a retro Coco-Cola image embroidered on the front, and a patch on the side. Refresh your cap game and connect with Cap Collector One for yours.


Coca-Cola x New Era ZOZOTOWN Collaboration

Coca-Cola has been on a collaboration run so we all knew it was only a matter of time before the logo appeared on a new era cap. You can find these Coke-Red colored hats in the 59FIFTY and the WM-01 styles which both are completed with white embroidering. This collaboration is a part of the collaboration series between Coca-Cola and ZOZOTOWN. …more

The Coca-Cola Company x New Era

The Coca-Cola Company has a beverage portfolio of more than 3500 beverages. Coca-Cola has teamed up with New Era to bring you a fitted cap collaboration that see’s their top classic performing drinks on a  classic 59Fifty fitted cap. You can now select yours at On Spotz!

Cap Talk: What’s on Your Mind

This week we welcome Logan Holmes from Tulsa, Oklahoma to chop up some New Era Caps with us. Rocking a 7 5/8’s Logan not only stays true to the fitted but he rocks snapback hats too. He talks about his love for both and mentions a few lines about his Dionic Designs Fire Ant 59Fifty pick up. Make sure you get the full read after the jump! Shoutout to Logan!  What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at

…Read the Interview Here

UPDATE: New Era Europe Latest 59Fifty & 9Fifty Releases

Don’t miss all of the latest releases from our friends across the pond at New Era Europe. Available now are refreshing, historic and groovy New Era caps. The 9Fifty Women’s Coca-Cola collection will quench your thirst for beautiful headwear. This release features stunning caps in lace, metallic fabric or all-over sequins. The iconic Coca-Cola logo is displayed on the front of these hats and the New Era flag is on the side. You can also step up your stone age style in prehistoric-inspired designs. The “Strength” 9FIFTY features an inspiring “Unity is Strength” motto on the front of a black cap that features gold embroidery and a red snakeskin visor. You can also take things back a few thousand years with a grey wool cave painting-inspired 59FIFTY. Want to turn heads? The MLB “Contour Crown” fitteds from the Red Sox and the LA Dodgers are just what you need! These caps feature a vibrant all-over print, with the respective team logos embroidered on the front and the New Era flag on the side. Take your style to the next level. Check out all of these releases and more at New Era Europe.unnamed-32


Cap Talk: What’s On Your Mind

On this weeks Cap Talk we touch down back in the U.S. via Brooklyn, New York, with Thomas Brown who believes that hats aren’t only about collecting but more of a lifestyle. One of our favorite lines out of this interview from Thomas was when he says “There is no hate in the fitted cap collector game.”  We believe that if your a fitted head you stand by that cause you completely and utterly understand the hat seen.   What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at



Ekocycle Holiday 2013 Collection

Ekocycle an initiative started by and The Coca-Cola Company has a philosophy of inspiring and motivating individuals and brands to build new things made in part from recycled materials.  They’ve recently launched their latest Holiday collection featuring a range of five new styles of hats. If your into supporting an increasingly sustainable environment then you should take a deeper look via New Era Cap.


New Era “New” Ekocycle 59Fifty Fitted Hat

Ekocycle an initiative by and Coca-Cola have blossomed into more New Era collaborative projects including this “New” 59Fifty fitted hat. The hat comes in a graphite body with red brim and white “New” embroidery on the front crown. You can grab this quick via 4UCaps.



Save the world 1 Coca-Cola bottle at a time? and The Coca-Cola Company have collaborated on an initiative called: EKOCYCLE. Aiming at creating a more sustainable world the initiative believes in making new products from recycled materials. They teamed up with a handful of brands that include New Era. The fitted that they came up with features the EKOCYCLE logo on a 42% recycled materials 59Fifty silhouette. Your first step in becoming ECO friendly is checking out the Ekocycle website.