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Cukui Straight Outta 9FIFTY Snapback

With the release of the N.W.A movie fast-approaching, San Jose-based brand Cukui are getting in the Straight Outta Compton spirit with this 9FIFTY cap from the “Straight Outta Cukui” collection. This stylish snapback comes in red crown, with an all-over tribal print, white embroidery and a black contrast visor. The front displays “Cukui”script and the back features the “Straight Outta” slogan. Don’t sleep on this snapback Coming Straight Outta Cukui. Cop one ASAP before Cukui is straight outta stock.


Cukui x Frank’s Chop Shop 9FIFTY Snapback

From Cali to NYC, San Jose-based brand Cukui and New York’s own Frank’s Chop Shop connect for a collaborative 9FIFTY snapback. Cap collectors and supporters of these two brands won’t want to miss this epic collabo. The cap comes in black, with the signature Frank’s Chop shop razor logo on the front embroidered with tribal print. A similar all-over print is also featured on the under-visor. This is a sharp snapback you should consider copping ASAP! This piece won’t last long. It’s dropping online and in-store today. What are you waiting for?!


Cukui SJ 9FIFTY Snapback

Straight out of San Jose, California, Cukui are delivering more heat for the 2015 spring season. The “SJ” 9FIFTY cap is a classic. It comes in an olive green crown, with a black contrast visor, and red and black embroidery. The front displays a interlocked “SJ” logo; the right side flies the New Era flag, a Cukui hit is on the right side and “Shark City” is on the back. The team over at Cukui did a great job on this piece. The logo and colors chosen combine to make a dope snapback that you won’t want to miss. Connect with Cukui today to get yours.


Cukui Tigerstyle 59FIFTY Cap

We know that a lot of cap collectors will be dying to get their paws on this ferocious fitted! San Jose, California-based Cukui are getting in their Tigerstyle stance for their latest 59FIFTY cap. This wild fitted comes in a grey crown, with a black contrast visor and orange embroidery. The front displays a Japanese-inspired cap rockin’ Cukui Tiger logo on the front; the New Era flag on the side and “Cukui” script on the back. Add some tigerstyle to your fitted game and let them hear you roar! Pounce on this cap now via Cukui. Act fast because it won’t last long.


Cukui Rudebwoy 9FIFTY Snapback

You a Rudebwoy? Let it be known while rockin’ the latest 9FIFTY snapback from San Jose, CA-based brand Cukui. This cap comes in a grey crown, with black embroidery and a black visor. The front of the cap displays “Rude Bwoy” script; the left side flies the New Era flag, the right features “Cukui” embroidery and the under-visor features a green tribal print. Get that Rudebwoy style on your snapback and connect with Cukui to add this cap to your collection today, Rudebwoy.


Cukui Hunter C Logo 9FIFTY Snapback

Cukui are making sure your snapback game stays stylish this season with the “Hunter C” 9FIFTY. This cap comes in a hunter green crown, with a grey tribal pattern print visor and black detailing. The front displays the Cukui “C” logo; the right side and the back feature Cukui-related logos, and the left side flies the New Era flag. You can always count on San Jose-based Cukui to drop fresh snapbacks, and this latest piece lives up to that standard. Hunt this cap down today. Grab it at Cukui before it’s too late.


Cukui “Shark City” Snapback

Represent San Jose proud in the “Shark City” vintage snapback from Cukui. This cap comes in stunning red corduroy material with white embroidery. The front displays “Shark City Cukui” script and the side flies the New Era flag. If you call San Jose home, put on for your city, and rep it to the fullest. Connect with Cukui to get this cap on your head and in your collection.


Cukui “Great White Shark” New Era 9FIFTY 

DANGER: the Fresh Cukui “Great White Shark” 9FIFTY is available now! This cap comes in a grey, blue and black colorway. The front displays the Cukui logo, with the New Era flag on the side. What really gives this cap a bite is the visor that features an image of a great white shark that looks like he’s ready to chow down – on you!

With this cap on your head, your snapback game will be dangerously fresh. It’s available now at Cukui. Cop it at your own risk!


Cukui “Corporate C” Tribal New Era 9FIFTY

This is no pipe dream; the latest Cukui 9FIFTY New Era snapback is available now… at Pipe Dreams. This cap comes in a hunter green crown with black and white detailing and embroidery. It also features a sick tribal pattern contrast visor. The front displays the Cukui “Corporate C” logo; the left side flies the New Era flag, and the right side and back feature brand-related embroidery. Don’t sleep on this latest release from Cukui. Grab it at Pipe Dreams.


Cukui Fall 2014 New Era Snapbacks

Love snapbacks? Cukui will soon be dropping some must-have headwear for the fall season that will take your mind to warmer places. This release includes four caps. Two colorful snapbacks feature tribal pattern designs with Cukui logo and brand embroidery on the front. This collection also includes a cap that features a smoke laced image of a woman superimposed with the Cukui logo. The brand is also showing their wild side with a black and tan 9FIFTY that displays a roaring tiger logo. With such a wide variety of snapbacks in this collection, there will be a snapback to suit everyone’s tastes! Connect with Cukui to get yours.


Cukui Leather Trucker New Era 9FIFTY Cap

This latest piece from Cukui is a beauty. It comes in a #9FIFTY trucker hat-style, with a black crown and contrasting brown suede visor. The front is embroidered with a Cukui leather patch and a New Era flag is embroidered on the side. This is a fresh cap that will look great for the summer. Connect with Cukui for yours.


Humble 9FIFTY @ Cukui

Do you walk around town with a big attitude, or are you a down to earth person? If you chose the latter, let the world know by sporting this Cukui 9FIFTY which features “Humble” on the front in large cursive lettering. Which is probably the complete opposite of being humble, but why not give yourself credit where credit is due! This cap comes in a brown and orange colorway with the New Era Flag embroidered on the side and Cukui on the back. Show how HUMBLE you are by picking this cap up at Cukui, and rock it everywhere you go.


Cukui “Shark City” 9FIFTY 

San Jose-based Cukui recently dropped this snapback that represents the city to the fullest! This cap features a black and teal San Jose Sharks colorway with “Shark City Cukui” embroidered on the front, the New Era logo on the side, and a Cukui “C” logo on the back. If you’re from Shark City, show your San Jose pride and pick this cap up at Cukui.


Cukui Fall 2013 New Era Collection

Five new caps have landed via the Cukui webshop as part of their 2013 Fall releases dubbed the banner, shark city, humble, C, and the Arrows. The Hawaii based retailer stays “humble” and gives you each release in a 9Fifty snapback hat. Judging the five hats was difficult and to say we have one favorite out of the bunch would be a lie. Check all five out for yourself after the jump and you be the judge. Available now via Cukui.


Cukui Jaws Snapback

Cukui has always represented the theme of culture and art in their products.  In their sport culture, this snapback is no different as it displays the region’s most popular colorway.  Featuring a fiesty, new shark logo, this piece is a guaranteed slap for fans of Cukui or fans of the NHL’s Sharks.  Strike quick and score first with San Jose’s finest for this exclusive product. …more

Fitted Hawaii New Era Strapback @ Cukui

Aloha! If you like dope hats, this latest cap from Fitted Hawaii is a must-have. It comes in Indigo denim- an amazing looking fabric that will turn heads everywhere you go! The front of this strapback features the Fitted Hawaii “H” embroidered inside of a beautiful feather design. The New Era logo is featured on the side. Don’t sleep on this cap. Pick one up today at Cukui.

Cukui Cali Snapback – Antique White

The Cukui team release it’s latest New Era collaborative. The low down: a 9Fifty snapback with the Cukui “C” logo on the front with a California republic colorway in white paneling, red brim and green eyelets. Grab one at Cukui!


Cukui C Warriors New Era

Karmaloop receives the C Warriors 59Fifty fitted New Era Cap by Cukui. The C Warriors logo is found on the front in black with a red body. Stay Rooted with this two tone cap by Cukui via Karmaloop.


Cukui x New Era Fitted Hat Releases

Our lives are build around choices and with so many nice options, we should thank Cukui for their huge hat variety in their newest release. Three different styled hats coming in 2 different colors each are all available in store and online.  We are presented with varying “C” logos for Cukui and since they are based in San Jose, California, an animated Shark provides the third design. You can check detailed photos of the backs and underbrims after the jump. …more

Cukui Sharky New Era Fitted

Cukui introduce the Sharky 59Fifty via Karmaloop’s Kazbah shopping channel. The cap sports a black colorway with shark embroidery carrying a baseball bat with spikes. See yours now via Karmaloop.