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Back in October we saw the first Frank Chop Shop x Dead Prez release and now they’ve dropped a second installment for fans across the world to enjoy. The messaging behind this cap can be inspiring with its half red/green circle with contrasting black ant threading and “Together the ants will conquer the elephant” hit on its kelly green underbill. You can grab this now via Onspotz.


Franks Chop Shop New Era Toques

Frank Chop Shop has your dome covered this cold a*$ winter! They’ve just launched four dope toques: The Razor Skully (black), Cuff Beanie (grey/red), and the Razor Pom Beanie (red). Don’t hold off on these for to long and get your head right for the remainder of the winter curtsy of Franks Chop Shop.



Frank’s Chop Shop Lighting 9FIFTY Strapback

All about fresh cuts, shaves and caps, New York-based Frank’s Chop Shop are going to energize your style with the “Lighting” 9FIFTY strapback. This hat is an ode to Ben Franklin’s innovation, the lighting rod, which he invented when he was 44 years old. The cap comes in black, with gold and silver embroidery – always a bold combination! The front displays a key/lighting logo, with the Ben Franklin logo on the side and a strap on the back. This is a cap so fresh, we hope it’s able to withstand all the energy and attention peeps are going to be giving it. Think you’re up to the task to rock it? If you’re about that Chop life, you know what to do. Connect with Frank’s Chop Shop cop this latest strapback from the brand today. No appointment is necessary.


Frank’s Chop Shop 9FIFTY Snapback

New York City-based Frank’s Chop Shop are all about cuts and caps, and they’re delivering the goods with their latest A-Frame 9FIFTY cap. This stylish snapback features white linen material. The front displays metallic razor logo and the side flies the New Era flag. Stay #CommittedToTheChop. Connect with Frank’s Chop Shop to scoop up this cap. No appointment is necessary. Unless you’re also planning on getting a cut. Early this month, we brought you a preview of the upcoming Frank’s Chop Shop New Era releases. Keep it locked here because there’s still lots more to come from the Chop Shop this spring! …more

Frank’s Chop Shop New Era 9FIFTY

Frank’s Chop Shop, who are known for fresh cuts and caps, are back for winter with this 9FIFTY. The cap comes in a black crown with a red contrast visor. The front displays a fuzzy varsity style “F” and the side flies the New Era flag. Frank’s Chop shop have been bringing the heat lately, so you won’t want to miss out on this cap. If you’re all about scissors and snapbacks, and live that #BarberLife – connect with Frank’s Chop Shop to get this cap on your head and in your collection. Don’t let your chance fade to own this stylin’ snapback.


Frank’s Chop Shop 9FIFTY

Frank’s Chop Shop is all about fresh cuts and caps, just like this latest 9FIFTY that will be in stores soon for the holiday season. The cap comes in a wool crown – perfect for winter! – and a shiny black visor. The front displays a 3M Frank’s Chop Shop razor logo on the front and the New Era flag on the side. If you’re about that #BarberLife you won’t want to miss out on this cap. Stay connected with Frank’s Chop Shop to find out when this cap will officially drop.


Frank’s Chop Shop 59FIFTY @ Peas and Carrots

Hungry for a fresh fitted? Check out this Frank’s Chop Shop 59FIFTY from Peas and Carrots International. The cap comes in a blue and orange everything colorway with a NY Mets-styled “F” logo embroidered on the front. The left side displays the New Era flag and the right displays a 2006/2007 commemorative side patch. Fill up your plate, err, we mean your cap collection with this fitted available now at Peas and Carrots International. If you rep the Mets or Knicks, this 59FIFTY is a must. Don’t miss out.


Frank’s Chop Shop Agenda NYC 2014 Hats

As always, Frank’s Chop Shop has a lot to offer, using their Agenda NYC booth to showcase hats from both their upcoming collections and popular styles that were recently released. In their current collections, the more popular styles are their text hats, a stand out one being the “Mind Your Business” hat. Their LA hat is well known also, and for good reason as it manipulates their logo to show some hometown love! One of the newer hats that we’ll be seeing a lot more of is their ‘Keyhole’ design with Ben Frank, himself, peering through. With the newer collection, they continue to redefine their logos, with felt material to further accent the design. From haircuts to headwear, Frank’s Chop Shop continues to have you covered for anything shoulders up.  Hit the jump to see upcoming releases. …more

Frank Chop Shop 2014 Summer New Era Caps

Frank Chop Shop comes out of no where and hits us all with a fresh 2014 summer New Era cap collection. The release is heavy with a total of 11 hats making their way to market dubbed the Tools of the Trade, Chop Paisely, Symbol, NYHC, Razor, Tiger Camo Razor, Chopped F, Franklin, Signature, and the Chop or Die. The caps include a combination of snapback, strapback and one fitted. Check them out now via Frank Chop Shop. …more

Frank Chop Shop x Futura 9Fifty New Era Snapback

Frank’s Chop Shop continue at a strong pace with their collaborations this time connecting with the legend himself, Futura, on an exclusive New Era snapback.  Those who know graffiti know of Futura an American artist who painted illegally around New York’s subway systems in the 70’s. The front hit on the cap is a stylized F that is also found on his signature with the underbill displaying his logo. This is one serious release. Available now via Frank Chop Shop.


Frank Chop Shop Winter 2013

Frank Chop Shop knows whats up when it comes to your dome. The brand launches its 2013 Winter New Era 9Fifty snapbacks that feature some heather grey, melton wool, snake skin patent leather and some classic logos. Grab the Applique F, Applique OG Razor or the Coiled Snakeskin now at Frank Chop Shop.


Frank’s Chop Shop x Pass & Stow New Era 9Fifty

Frank Chop Shop collaborates with Philladelphia based boutique, Pass and Stow on this latest version of New Era Cap. The boutique specializes in apparel, vinyl records, shoes, toys, & all things Punk Rock & HipHop. The cap features the infamous “Liberty Bell”, Ben Franklin hit and a navy/red colorway. Grab it now via UGHH.


Frank Chop Shop New Era Fall 2013 Part 2

What do leather, snakes and dead prez all have in common – Frank Chop Shop fall 2013 New Era Cap collection. My personal favorite from the collection is from the New York City based hip hop duo composed of and M-1 known as dead prez. Which one is your favorite out of the collection? The Snake Skin, the Leather F or the dead prez? Check them out via Frank Chop Shop.


Frank Chop Shop 2013 Fall

New York’s Frank Chop Shop is keeping you warm this fall with some new heat from their 2013 collection. The barbers continue collaborating with like minded brands such as SAVS and Symbol for this upcoming season while joining themes, emblems and designs that represent both sides. Get them now before its to late at Frank Chop Shop.



New York and Cali link up in a big way! If you want a fresh cut and shave you know that Frank’s Chop Shop is the place to get it. One of the illest skateboarding brands out there these days is DGK put the two together and what do you get? The Frank’s Chop Shop x DGK Skateboards New Era collabo. This snapback is for all of you cut throats and hustlers out there – get it how you live it! Now available via Kayo.


Preview Frank Chop Shop Lock Up

Lock up logos are simply one of my favorite style of caps. A well sought after styled coupled with a few letters to represent the Frank Chop Shop brand is all you need for this piece. This piece features a black body with gold trim. Preview will be available via Frank Chop Shop.


Preview Frank Chop Shop 5 Panel Hat

Frank Chop Shop will be going 5 panel on you with this New Era camper hat. Yup, a crisp red tonal design with leaves, triangle outlines and a print that sees year of establishment (2006) along with a New York City hit. Keep your eyes peeled. Frank Chop Shop has some interesting stuff coming this year.


Frank’s Chop Shop 2013 Collection Preview

Other than feeling like a new man, the next best thing to getting a fresh hair cut is being able to fit into those fitted hats that your hair made you outgrow, and even allows you to try out some new ones. Frank’s Chop Shop has always been bringing the best of both worlds directly from their New York location. In the near future, after that cut, you will be able to grab one of these hats from the brand. A preview of their upcoming hats reveals a heather gray fitted hat badged with the shop name as well as a light gray fitted hat with an FCS owl that’s naturally made to be out and about in the nightlife. You can also get a glimpse of the Frank’s Chop Shop logo on the side of the hats as well. See both styles after the jump. …See Both Styles HERE

Frank Chop Shop Preview

Frank Chop Shop will be adding to the repertoire this FCS New Era collaborative cap. The body features a red body with silver razor blade and “Frank’s Chop Shop New York City” embroidery. You should most likely look out for your own this fall via Frank Chop Shop and authorized dealers.


Peas & Carrots x Frank’s Chop Shop Fitted Hats

It’s time for a little fashion baseball game so choose your team: Peas vs. Carrots, hosted by Frank’s Chop Shop. Peas and Carrots International links up with FCS on a collection featuring two shirts and two hats, characterized by their teams. The blue pack in only available at the Chop Shop while the green pack is on PnC. The fitted hats feature both brands’ logos as well as a golden, adjoining emblem. Hit the jump for details. …more