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Mishka Dead Aim Keep Watch 59FIFTY


Brooklyn-based Mishka hit hard and right of target with the “Dead Aim” Keep Watch 59FIFTY cap. The details on this cap are on point. It comes in black nylon material, with neon green embroidery. The cap features the signature ferocious Mishka fang design on the under-visor and an image of the globe being targeted on the back. The front of this fitted displays the Keep Watch logo in the crosshairs. Mishka states that with this design, “it’s hard to determine of the crosshairs are on the Keep Watch, or the Keep Watch is targeting you.” What are your thoughts? No matter what you think, you need to get this cap on your radar. Take aim and cop one today at Mishka!


Mishka Andrei Bouzikov Keep Watch 59FIFTY Caps


Mishka have been keeping watch on their fans demands for more slimy eyeballs, and they have delivered big time with this release! This latest Mishka “Keep Watch” design was illustrated by artist Andrei Bouzikov. The cap comes in a teal, with all-over splatter detailing. The front displays the slimy Keep Watch logo; the side flies the New Era flag and the under-visor features Mishka’s signature ferocious fans. Not into slime? How about blood?! This frightening fitted alternate design comes in black, with red embroidery and a bloody Keep Watch logo on the front. With Halloween fast-approaching,  you may want to get the jump on the spooky season with this drop. Cop both of these Keep Watch caps now at Mishka.


Mishka Society of the Snake 59FIFTY Cap


Straight out of Brooklyn, Mishka hit hard with this ferocious fitted. The “Society of the Snake” 59FIFTY cap is mean. This hat features a fierce hooded bear with snake tongue and fangs on the front, and also, a slithering faux snakeskin under-visor. The side is stitched with the New Era flag and “Mishka” script is on the back. This cap is so rugged, Mishka jokingly state that it will “keep your cranium safe during these dangerous times of nuclear warfare.” Mishka have been delivering one awesome release after another, and you don’t want to miss out on their latest New Era collabo. If you’re keeping watch on this fitted as much as we are, make sure to add it to your collection today. Cop it at Mishka. What are you waiting for? You best protect your cranium!


Mishka Charcoal Heather Keep Watch 59FIFTY Cap


Straight out of Brooklyn, the Mishka fam are doin’ it up big with their showstopper, icon and main event fitted – the Keep Watch 59FIFTY cap! This around, time their ever-popular design is getting the “Charcoal Heather” treatment. This fitted features a heather charcoal grey crown, an orange contrast visor and orange top button. The front displays a multi-tone green Keep Watch logo and the under-visor displays Mishka’s signature ferocious fang design. With this cap on your head, everyone will be keeping watch on how fresh your fitted game is. Don’t sleep on this cap. Cop it now at Mishka.


Mishka Lamour Keep Watch Hurricane Camo 59FIFTY Cap


Brooklyn-based brand Mishka are going to create a storm of hype with the “Hurricane Camo” 59FIFTY cap. Mishka state that this latest fitted from their ever-popular “Keep Watch” series of New Era headwear, will keep you “swagged out at your next paintball tournament.” This cap comes in a black crown, with a hurricane digi camo contrast visor. The front is embroidered with the Keep Watch eye in two-tone brown; the side flies a black New Era flag, and “Mishka” script is on the back. If you’re keeping watch on the fresh fitted, you know what do to. Connect with Mishka and cop it today. You’ll be the freshest cat out on the paintball battlefield!


Mishka Keep Watch 59FIFTY Caps


Head into the mainframe in this latest 59FIFTY drop from Mishka, inspired by the “The Matrix” film series. These fitteds feature black and neon green prints and detailing that draws on inspiration from The Matrix movies. This collection includes the “Mainframe” and “Dimensional” Keep Watch caps.  The hats display the Keep Watch eye logo on the front; the New Era flag on the side, “Mishka” script on the back and those fierce Mishka fans on the under-visor. Mishka can’t be stopped. They keep setting the bar for creativity higher with each successive release. If you’re keeping watch on these fitteds just like us, you know what to do. Cop yours now at Mishka before they’re all gone!


Mishka Keep Watch 59FIFTY Caps


This Friday, June 5th, at the Westside Cultural Arts Center in Atlanta, GA, Zumiez and Mishka will be organizing an interactive art party that will also feature some surprise musical performances. To celebrate this event, Greg Rivera (@GregMishka), the Co-Owner of Mishka, made 5 custom #KEEPWATCH caps for a giveaway. These hats come in black, with a grey bottoms and feature five different unique Keep Watch-inspired designs. Want more info on how you can win one? You’ll need to RSVP for a spot with Zumiez to attend this event. Good luck!


Mishka Eternal 59FIFTY Caps


Mishka are delivering more heat for spring 2015, straight out of India, with the “Eternal” series of caps. These fitteds feature Hindu-inspired images and designs that have never been seen before on New Era headwear. The “Eternal Voyage” cap comes in black with white embroidery. The hat displays script on the front, the New Era flag on the side and “Mishka” on the back. The under-visor features highly detailed images that will take you on a voyage far, far away. The “Eternal Keep Watch” 59FIFTY is striking. It displays a colorful all-over print of Hindu images, along with the Keep Watch logo on the front. The side flies the New Era flag, “Mishka” is on the back and the under-visor features the signature Mishka fangs. These fitteds will not last long. Don’t just Keep Watch on these caps. Take a voyage to Mishka NYC ASAP to scoop up this collection before it’s too late. What are you waiting for?!


Mishka Spring 2015 New Era Caps


Brooklyn, New York-based Mishka’s Spring 2015: Generation Vex collection features a wide variety of influences and is – “For anyone. For everyone.” These brand new caps from Mishka include the mind bending “Petro” Keep Watch 59FIFTY, the Egypt-inspired “Horus Crest” fitted and the mean ol’ bear “Super Solider” hats. The “Petro” cap features a vibrant all-over print; the Keep Watch logo on the front and “Mishka” script on the back. The “Horus Crest” 59FIFTY displays an Egypt-isnpired Mishka logo on the front, an image of a “sarcophagus” on the under-visor and “Mishka” on the back. Finally, the “Super Solider” caps come in black or camo and feature a cartoon-inspired logo on the front; the New Era flag on the side and “Mishka” on the back. Mishka has been dropping a lot of heat lately, and this is only a taste of what’s to come from the brand. With such large selection of headwear in their spring releases, there really is a cap; for anyone and everyone. Connect with Mishka to check out these latest 59FIFTY caps and more!


Mishka New Era 59FIFTY Caps


Brooklyn’s own Mishka will be heating up your cap game for the winter season with these 59FIFTY New Era caps. This release includes a “Keep Watch” 59FIFTY and the brand new “Alien Autopsy” design caps. The “Crushed” 59FIFTY features the iconic Mishka Keep Watch eye logo on the front of a monochrome bleach bombed New Era 59FIFTY. The “Alien Autopsy” caps come in zen or dark graphite colorways. The front of the hats feature the brand new Alien Autopsy logo on the front, with the New Era flag on the side. There is a lot of buzz amongst cap collectors for these latest caps, so they won’t last long. This is only a taste of what’s to come from Mishka’s upcoming New Era releases this year. They have caps dropping soon that we’ve been keeping watch on. These hats are inspired Indian, and also, Ancient Egyptian culture, and they are going to be fire! But for now, you need to KEEP WATCH on these fitteds. No need to travel to another planet to get these hats. Connect with Mishka to get these caps on your head and in your collection today.


Brooklyn Brewery x Mishka Bottle Cap 9FIFTY Snapback


Something we love to see here at NECTalk, and don’t see enough of, are the worlds of craft beer and streetwear colliding on New Era caps! This hops and hats collaborative 9FIFTY comes from two Brooklyn-based icons, who are world famous in their respective fields of streetwear and suds: Mishka and Brooklyn Brewery. The cap comes in black, with the Brooklyn Brewery bottle cap logo on the front and a green New Era flag on the side. The right side displays “Brooklyn Brewery” and “Mishka” script. This snapback is just as fresh and tasty as a cold bottle of Brooklyn Lager. Get this bottle cap snapback on your head and in your collection today. It’s available now at Mishka. And If you’re above the legal drinking age in you’re country, we suggest you also pick up a 6-Pack of Brooklyn Lager to go along with this snapback. Because bottles and caps are always a great pairing, especially on Instagram. Drink responsibly.


Roberta’s Pizza x Mishka 9FIFTY Snapback


The worlds of street wear and pizza collide on this New Era cap! Well-known Brooklyn-based pizzeria, Roberta’s Pizza, have connected with world-famous Brooklyn-based streetwear brand Mishka, for a yummy collaborative New Era 9FIFTY snapback. The cap comes in black with red embroidery. The front displays “Roberta’s”; the right side features a devil, and the left side flies the New Era flag. Things get really tasty of the inside of this 9FIFTY – It features an all pizza everything all-over print! We’re keeping watch on this cap, and we can’t wait to take to take a bite! If you’re hungry for pizza, just dial up Mishka NYC, and have this hot snapback delivered right to to your door! #FlyYourOwnPizza proud today.


Mishka Holiday 2014 New Era Caps


Straight out of Brooklyn, New York, Mishka are back with their holiday 2014 New Era releases. This drop features some old classics, along with new styles. Back for the holidays is the iconic “Keep Watch” 59FIFTY and the “Death Adder” snake tongue bear fitted. The “Keep Watch” 59FIFTY caps come in two muted grey tone styles, “for those times you want to weird people out in an understated way.” The “Death Adder” fitted comes in black/grey or cardinal red with a black contrast visor. Mishka states that “ten percent of profits from this hat will be donated to a fund for the advancement of horrific, pointless genetic experimentation and bad ideas like snake/bear hybrids.” New styles from the Mishka camp are the “Autospy Skull” 59FIFTY. It comes in an all-over galactic print with an alien skull on the front and the New Era flag on the side. Why an alien skull, you ask? Because Mishka believes the reason alien life has never been discovered is because all aliens are dead. Also, a new cap for the holiday season is the “DA Rally” 59FIFTY. It comes in purple and black or green and tan. Even though the Mishka crew don’t play soccer, they dropped this cap because they “still enjoy hooliganism as a sport.” Mishka comes correct once again for the holiday season with a lot of fresh caps and a tongue-in-cheek attitude.  Don’t miss out on the classics Mishka hats and also pick up some new favourites while you’re at it. Whichever Mishka New Era cap you choose, one thing is for sure: people will be keeping watch on how dope your fitted game is for the holiday 2014 season.


Mishka x Kid Robot Keep Watch Dunny New Era Fitted @ Hat Club


Mishka and Kid Robot have teamed up for a special collaborative custom New Era Fitted hat. The result is a merging of two of brands’ iconic logos with the Keep Watch Dunny New Era Fitted that is now available at Hat Club. This hat features a solid black crown and visor. The front logo features a mish mash of the Mishka “Keep Watch” logo and Kid Robot’s “Dunny” logo. The limited edition piece is finished with the signature Keep Watch undervisor print. Go to today to pick these up and check out more Mishka hats.


Mishka Keep Watch “Nebula” New Era Fitted @ Hat Club


Mishka is always dependable on releasing the most unique and far out there designs for all of their hats and apparel. Today’s featured Mishka Fitted is the “Nebula” Keep Watch style from their Fall collection that recently dropped. This hat carries the brand’s trademark “Keep Watch” eye logo on a sublimated all over Galaxy print. Go to today to pick these up and check out more Mishka hats.


Mishka x Kidrobot Keep Watch Dunny 59FIFTY


Mishka and Kid Robot linked up once again for a collaboration that, according to Mishka, is “Part Dunny, part Keep Watch. All Creepy.” This is a great release to add to your collection, with Halloween coming up! This 59FIFTY comes in all-black, with a Keep Watch x Dunny logo that showcases the best of both brands. Whether you’re into streetwear or collect Kid Robot toys, don’t just #KeepWatch on this cap. Cop it now at Mishka, to get in the spooky spirit for the fall season!


Twiztid x Mishka Keep Watch 59FIFTY


Horrorcore hip hip group Twizted who hail from Detroit, Michigan have linked up with Brooklyn-based Mishka for this limited #KeepWatch 59FIFTY which drops today! The cap comes in a spooky black and neon green colorway, which also features white detailing. The front is embroidered with the iconic Keep Watch eye. The back displays both the Twiztid and Mishka logos and the side flies the New Era flag. As this is a Keep Watch fitted, the under-visor features a pattern of razor sharp fangs. This cap is available now at the Twiztid Shop. If you’re a fan of the group, make sure to cop it before it’s gone.


Mishka Fall 2014 Collection


We’ve been excited about Mishka dropping new product since we peeped what they previewed at Agenda NYC. Available now are caps from the Mishka fall 2014 collection. There is a lot of variety in this release, which includes many different designs and styles of headwear. One of our favourite caps in the fall drop is the Reptilian style of the Keep Watch 59FIFTY. It is embroidered with a reptile eye on the front, with snake teeth on the under-visor. The Death Adder logo also returns on many different styles of  caps, including a groovy tie-dye pattern 59FIFTY. We’re always keeping watch on fresh Mishka New Era caps, and so should you. Cop some of these latest pieces from Mishka to make sure your fitted game stays fresh and creative for fall 2104.


Mishka Agenda NYC 2014 Hats


At this year’s Agenda Trade Show in New York, Mishka shows that they’ve been hard at work, previewing their   latest collection of hats. Many of the hats have vibrant colors or detailed embroidery of some of the brand’s popular  graphics such as Mishka Bear, the eye, etc. This collection draws influence from a variety of places, including an all-over print Hindu hat done in full color and a Yin-Yang symbol fused with the Mishka eye. Within the collection are numerous hats finished by New Era! No word on the release dates yet, and actually, due to their exclusivity, the hats were not even allowed to have their close ups. Check out the upcoming hats after the jump. …more

Mishka Summer 2014 Collection


Summer 2014 is here from the brand who got their start out of New York. Mishka releases a slew of new releases are found in this seasons collection of goods which includes a beast, some pizza and ya some other evil stuff… If that’s what your into. Mishka re-invents its classic Keep Watch design to feature one of your favorite foods, Pizza. The hat features a two tone colorway with missing slice from the right side of the eye. Check these out via Mishka.