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Sam The Rebel Murder Row Crows 59FIFTY Cap

First he got crazy with the crab and now he’s killin’ it with the crows! Our boy from the Bay Area, Sam the Rebel, and his homie the Brim Reaper, are putting a stranglehold on the game with the “Murder Row Crows” 59FIFTY cap. This will be the second release from Sam the Rebel, who is a die-hard Giants fan and New Era cap collector – and he’s got more SF Giants New Era fitteds in his collection than we’ve ever seen! The “Murder Row Crows” cap appropriately features a black and dark blue colorway that really captures the feel of this team. The front is embroidered with a glow-in-the-dark Murder Row Crows logo, that was designed by Sam, and the New Era flag is on the side. Are you looking to suit up with the Murder Row Crows? Word on the street is that there may be a few pieces left. Don’t miss your chance to own one of these killer caps before they all fly the coop. Connect with Sam the Rebel for more info.


Cap Talk – What’s On Your Mind: Featuring Sam The Rebel

Bay Area-based New Era enthusiast Sam the Rebel is a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan who wears his allegiance proudly to the team – with a massive collection of Giants caps to prove it! Recently, Sam and his homie, the Brim Reaper, cooked up a fresh catch of limited New Era collaborative “Crazy Crab” 59FIFTY caps, which many people were looking to get their claws on. The hats were a popular item amongst the New Era cap collecting community, selling out in no time, just like hot crab caps should! But the Crazy Crab logo isn’t just a random design. The mascot actually has a long and infamous history with the San Francsico Giants. So, peep our Cap Talk interview with Sam the Rebel, to discover the origins of the Crazy Crab. Find out how Sam became such a die-hard Giants fan and, also, check out his incredible New Era collection that most SF Giants fans wish they had. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at


Sam The Rebel Crazy Crab 59FIFTY

Sam the Rebel and his homie the Brim Reaper have cooked up a fresh catch of custom, limited Crazy Crab 59FIFTY New Era fitteds. Unfortunately, if you didn’t get in on the pre-order that happened in March, you probably won’t be able to get your claws on one. The cap comes in a black and orange colorway, paying homage to Sam’s favorite team, the San Francisco Giants. The front features the Crazy Crab rocking a mini cap while catching a baseball. We’re pretty sure these caps are no longer available, but maybe if you ask the Brim Reaper nice enough he’ll sell you his, but we doubt it. #SpeakWithYourCrazyCrab


Rebel 8 Camo New Era

Rebel 8 treats you to its summer collection and a new website all at the same time! This 2013 summer release sees Rebel 8 going with a woodland camouflage 59Fifty silhouette and the brands classic 8 logo on the front. But you be the judge of this one and check out their new site via




Here’s something to get your day started off on the right foot! Here’s a preview of Rebel 8’s New Era Collection that will hit stores in the up and coming seasons. What to be expected is some new never before seen designs including a great collaborative effort with Flying Coffin. Keep glued more info to come shortly. Info: Talisa Monet

Rebel8 Vintage Pinstripe New Era

Our Rebel 8 family gives us a heads up on a DOPE New Era Cap that will start arriving in a limited amount of stores December 17th. They just shipped this limited hat to these five REBEL8 accounts after the jump. These accounts are the only ones in the world to have this hat. The cap comes in a black pinstripe body with classic Kelly Green underbill and new Rebel 8 logo. So much hype surrounding this one!!!! They do have a few selling right now on their online shop too, but please, support your local R8 dealer! Get it before you regret it. Check the jump for more shots of this great release!



Here is a sneak peek of some REBEL8 New Eras releasing later this Summer exclusively on REBEL8.COM. Made from the same imported oiled cotton as Barbour jackets, these waterproof New Eras only get better with time. They are lined with a lightweight tartan flannel and have metallic gold embroidery details on the back. Will be available in dark grey and classic green. Check out REBEL8.COM.

San Francisco Giants 9FIFTY Snapback

Wear Your Allegiance to the reigning MLB World Series Champions, the San Francisco Giants, in this limited edition 9FIFTY snapback available at So Fresh Clothing. Although we know he’s team fitted, we’re wondering if die hard Giants fan/New Era collector Sam The Rebel with be scooping up this cap to add to his massive Giants cap collection? This cap comes in a grey crown, with orange and gold embroidery, and an orange contrast visor. The front displays a commemorative World Series 2014 Champions patch that features the Golden Gate Bridge. The side flies the New Era flag and the back features two patches and “Giants” script. Will it be an Orange October? Only time will tell. But for now Giants fans have got all the bragging rights. Purchase this snapback today at So Fresh Clothing and let the word know that you’re a proud San Francisco Giants fan. …more

San Francisco Giants MLB 2014 WS Commemorative Gold AC 59FIFTYCap

We know a lot of Giants fans are going to be adding this cap to their collections! Commemorate the San Francisco Giants momentous 2014 World Series victory with the appropriately titled “Commemorative Gold” 59FIFTY cap. This World Series winning cap comes in black with gold embroidery – a look that always turns heads! The front displays the iconic Giants logo; the right side features a commemorative patch, and the back is embroidered the MLB Batterman, along with the World Series trophy. We’re almost certain that die hard Giants fan/New Era enthusiast Sam the Rebel’s Brim Reaper will be proudly sporting this cap on Instagram soon. Giants supporters: Own a piece of MLB history, and relive the Giants’ incredible run of 2014. Purchase this cap today at New Era.


San Francisco Giants 59FIFTY Cap

Wear Your Allegiance to the reigning MLB champions, the San Francisco Giants, in the “League Basic” 59FIFTY cap. This fitted comes in stunning red with white embroidery. The front displays the iconic SF Giants logo; the side flies the New Era flag and the back features the MLB logo. We wonder if New Era collector/die hard Giants fan Sam the Rebel will be adding this 59FIFTY to his impressive SF Giants cap collection. It was an Orange October, make it a red spring! Pick up this cap today at Team Store, who are all about – All College, All Pro, All Sport.


San Francisco Giants Multi Championship 59FIFTY

We know that San Francisco Giants fans are still celebrating an Orange October – even though it’s January – after their team’s amazing 2014 World Series victory. This commemorative Giants 59FIFTY from the National Baseball Hall of Fame is a must-have piece for all San Francisco Giants supporters. We’re pretty sure that New Era cap collectors and SF Giants fans Sam the Rebel, SF Grippy and Rockin’ New Era will copping this cap. Celebrate your allegiance to the SF Giants and commemorate the team’s World Series victory in the “Multi Championship” 59FIFTY. This cap comes in the classic Giants colorway: black and orange. The front is embroidered with the Giants logo; the left side flies the New Era flag, the right features a commemorative side patch, and the MLB Batterman is on the back. If you’re a Giants fan, pick up this cap today, and let the word know that the San Francosco Giants are baseball’s top team! This 59FIFTY is available now at the National Baseball Hall of Fame Shop. Don’t miss out.


San Francisco Giants Postseason “Orange October” 59FIFTY

Is it going to be an Orange October? With the SF Giants win over the KC Royals in game 1 of the World Series, it looks like it might be shaping up to be! We know New Era enthusiasts such as Sam the Rebel, SF Grippy and Rockin_NewEra will be happy about the results of yesterday’s game, and might even be picking up this “Orange October” 59FIFTY to add to their collections. If you #WearYourAllegiance to the Giants, this is a must-have cap to have on your head to rep the Giants during the Fall Classic. This 59FIFTY comes in an orange crown with a black contrast visor. The front displays “Orange October,” the side flies the New Era flag and the back features the MLB Batterman. This Giants fitted is now available for pre-order at New Era. Don’t miss your chance to #WearYourAllegiance to your team proud. Baseball fans: Who you got for the World Series? Will this be an Orange October or a Royal oKCTober? Let us know!


House of Holland “Lobster” Beanie

With Sam the Rebel recently dropping the Crazy Crab 59FIFTY and the Bowling Green MiLB team releasing the Brandiose-designed Blind Cave Shrimp custom cap, it looks like a lot of people are #CommittedToTheCrustacean. Now the couture crustacean is hitting New Era headwear with this Women’s Lobster beanie from House of Holland and New Era Europe. The cap comes in a striped blue yarn knit pattern with sequin applications. The front features a giant lobster and oversized tulle pom poms on the top. Keep that special lady warm this fall in this unique cap because #ThreeWordsSheWantsToHear are always House of Holland. Get it at New Era Europe.


Cap Talk: What’s On Your Mind

For our latest Cap Talk interview, we link up with BayArea-based New Era enthusiast/die-hard San Francisco Giants fan Ernesto Dominguez, AKA Rockin_NewEra84. He has been collecting caps since 2001, and is well-known for his signature hand gesture and, also, his On-Field collection. Something you may not know about Ernesto is that his collection isn’t just limited to On-Field caps, he once witnessed a 59FIFTY giving birth, and he has a degree is psychology! In his interview, Ernesto discusses how he became such a big Giants fan, and lets us in on some of the unique caps in his collection. Also, he sheds some light on the #CachuchaCrew of New Era enthusiasts, which he is part of and, as he does have a degree in psychology, Ernesto gives us his opinion of whether us cap collectors are obsessed, addicted, or just simply passionate about collecting hats! Find out more of what’s on Rockin_NewEra84’s mind after the jump. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your cap collection? Hit us up at


Tibetan Sand Foxes 59FIFTY

The Tibetan Sand Foxes, the team that hit home runs right out of the plateau, will be dropping an official New Era cap! This upcoming 59FIFTY is a collaborative effort from DamCampo, that was designed by Sam the Rebel. This cunning cap will come in black and display the the most wonderful Tibetan Fox logo on the front, the Fox Tail bat logo on the back, and a black New Era flag on the side. It will also feature a grey under-visor. If you would like to add this extremely limited 59FIFTY cap to your collection, and be able to #SpeakWithYourTibetanFox proud, there are a few pre-order spots left, so act fast before they’re all gone! Hit up DamCampo via Instagram or Twitter and let him know your hat size. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show that you’re #CommittedToTheTibetanFoxFitted.


San Francisco Giants 9FIFTY

Rep the San Francisco Giants proud just like SFGrippy and Sam the Rebel in this 9FIFTY. This snapback features an orange crown and visor with white front panels. The front is embroidered with the Giants logo and the side flies the New Era Flag. The Giants are currently 2nd place in the NL West. Show your Giants pride and #WearYourAllegiance to the team. Pick up this stylish 9FIFTY today at Finish Line. …more

Cap Talk – What’s On Your Mind

SFGrippy is a mysterious character in the cap-collecting community. Known for being a die-hard SF Giants fan and for his signature shot, where he shows off his caps, revealing only part of his face. (Except for those few times when he has shown his whole face….perhaps that wasn’t really him?) We tracked SFGrippy down at his secret Bay-Area hideout for a Cap Talk interview, where he decided to shed the mask and reveal more of his identity. Alex Mitchell, AKA SFGrippy, is San Francisco – born and raised, a craft beer drinker, baseball nut, Bay Area music playlist curator, and a New Era cap enthusiast. He has a degree in marketing, likes to walk his dog, eat delicious sandwiches, and BBQ meat for large groups of people. In his interview, Alex discusses why he decided to reveal more of his identity, how he became such a big SF Giants fan, what inspires his New Era cap collection, and more! Find out all that’s on SFGrippy’s mind after the jump. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your cap collection? Hit us up at


San Francisco Giants 59FIFTY @ Cranium Fitteds

The San Francisco Giants are currently 2nd in the NL West. #WearYourAllegiance to the team, just like cap collector Sam The Rebel in this 59FIFTY. This cap comes in a head-turning blue and crimson colorway with a contrasting visor. The front is embroidered with the Giants logo, while the side displays the New Era flag, and the MLB Batter Man is on the back. Support the team and pick this cap up at Cranium Fitteds.


Cap Talk: What’s On Your Mind

For this week’s Cap Talk we link up with New Era enthusiast/Yankees fan Luis Mendoza Jr – AKA Tanxican – one of the four original founders of the #CachuchaCrew of New Era collectors. Tanxican is a passionate cap collector that will go to great lengths to network with people to find the hat he’s looking for. He also goes out of his way to help others find the caps they are searching for to add to their collections. He’s also such a big Yankees fan, he named his son after his favorite team! Make sure to check out our interview with Luis Mendoza Jr to find out what sparked his interest in cap collecting, discover how many caps he has in his collection, hear about the friendships he’s made in the New Era cap collecting community, and more! What’s on your mind? What to show off your collection? Hit us up at

…Check the Interview Here


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