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July 2015 Top 5 New Era Caps

The scorching month of July 2015 saw a lot hot, fresh and delicious caps served for the summer season. The legacy of iconic martial artist, the late Bruce Lee, was well-represented with a striking snapback drop. New York-based shop Kith and the New York Yankees made history with their “Classics” collection delivery. New Era collectors LeKid26, Kevin Raphael and Dionic Design put on for Montreal, Canada with the ”Le Castor” 59FIFTY cap. Speaking of Canada, rap Superstar Drake and them OVO boys dished up a collaborative 59FIFTY fitted to heat up the streets of The Six. And if you were still hungry for more New Era caps; the Fresno Grizzlies cooked up Taco Fitteds to make sure you got your fill! Check out our July Top 5 to see what New Era cap took the top spot.


May 2015 Top 5 New Era Caps

This past May, we saw many New Era cap contenders step into the Fight Club for dominance in our Top 5. A small super hero made a huge impact with his Big Face 59FIFTY cap, as he gets ready to take on the evil brewing in Marvel’s upcoming “Ant-Man” flick. Toronto-based Legends League made a stand to fight the powers that be, with a collection that comments on important issues that are currently affecting society. Packer Shoes payed homage to baseball’s most iconic rivalry, New York city’s cross town Mets-Yankess subway series. And finally, Pikachu made his long-awaited appearance in the arena, with the highly anticipated Pokémon x New Era Japan collection. Did you catch all of these caps, and what was your favorite release for May 2015? Hit the jump to find out which cap took our number one spot!


April 2015 Top 5 New Era Caps

April 2015 was a huge month for New Era. The Avengers assembled with a SMASHshing collection to coincide with Marvel’s “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” blockbuster flick. The new NFL recruits were honored with New Era NFL Draft Caps – and fans were stoked to be able to sport the caps that the pros wear. Italian toymaker Rody rode back onto the scene with a vibrant, creative cap that turned heads all around the world. New Era Japan commemorated their recent Flagship store opening in Okinawa City, with a collection that honored the culture and history of this southern Japanese city with pride. And finally, one of the most iconic caps of all time came Straight Out Of Compton once again to make an appearance at Hat Club. Make sure to check out our April Top 5 to see what New Era cap took the #1 spot!


March 2015 Top 5 New Era Caps

March 2015 will do down as a month marked by New Era caps that featured unique and inspired designs. New Era Japan brought back classic properties such as Aliens, Predator and TMNT, with designs that jumped right off the big screen and onto our heads! American designer Mark McNairy created a series of snapbacks for 180 year old brand Woolrich that payed homage to the brand’s heritage, while keeping up-to date with current fashion trends. New Era Design Manager Shawn Curtin and Atmos NYC teamed up for a timeless Yankees 59FIFTY cap to honour Derek Jeter’s legacy and historic career. And finally, a brand known for keeping watch on styles from all around the world, NYC-based Mishka, took us on an voyage to India, with caps featuring creative Hindu-inspired designs. Check out our March Top 5 to see what New Era cap took the top spot.


February 2015 Top 5 New Era Caps

The cold temperatures of February didn’t stop hot New Era caps from hitting the market. We saw hats chase goals, and celebrate milestones, culture, art and food. The Clink Room released the Shams limited 59FIFTY designed by TJ. Meek Mills dropped a collection for all the dream chasers. Asphalt Yacht Club paid homage to Black History Month with a stunning snapback. Brazil-based artist Atsuo Nakagawa used a New Era Brazil 59FIFTY as a canvas of expression. Hungry for home runs? the Hiroshima Carp knocked locked it right out of the park, and filled up their fans, with yummy collection that served up hot udon Carp noodles and tasty Momiji Manju pastries. Make sure to check out our February Top 5 to see what New Era cap took the #1 spot!


January 2015 Top 5 New Era Caps

The cold winter temperatures didn’t stop the competition from heating up in the New Era cap world this past January. Our friends at Beau Monde celebrated 8 years of dominance in the game. The Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch went into Beast Mode to try and take home the Super Bowl trophy, with his much talked about 9FIFTY snapback. Charlie Brown and the gang all showed up to play ball, went pro and hit a grand slam for collectors on “The Pros” 59FIFTY. Mexico’s baseball team took on the Serie del Caribe with an extremely popular collection that was full of Mexican pride, history and tradition. And finally, it was Shady vs Everybody with a cap that sold out in a matter of minutes and took on problems affecting at-risk youth. Make sure to check out our January 2015 Top 5 to see what New Era cap took the #1 spot.


November 2014 Top 5 New Era Caps

November 2014 was full of fresh releases from a wide variety of brands and licenses. It was all about Veni , Vidi, Vici for World Cup champion Lukas Podolski, who scored a huge goal amongst New Era cap collectors and enthusiasts with his New Era Strassenkicker limited edition 9FIFTY snapback. It must have been like Sunnery & Ryan house music to his ears! But that’s not all. Yo Gabba Gabba! had a hunger in their tummy to drop a New Era Japan collection, and London-based fashion KTZ house wanted to show the world their sleek New Era Europe collaboration. Make sure to check out our November Top 5 to see what New Era cap conquered the #1 spot.


October 2014 Top 5 New Era Caps

Welcome to October’s top 5 New Era hats. Where we hand pick our personal top 5 favorite picks based on events, patterns and gems. There’s no denying it was an Orange October, with the San Francisco Giants going on to win the World Series! But it was also a spooky and glow-in-the-dark October that was full of sneaker politics. But when all was said and done, we cooled out to some Bushfire tunes, found a friendly place to stay, and rested it on our heads. Make sure to check out our October Top 5 New Era caps to see what made #1.


September 2014 Top 5 New Era Caps

With September comes cooler weather, and people start to get in the Halloween spooky spirit – including us! This September we saw a maniacal villain who’s smile sent shivers down our spines and a rap god drop a monster 59FIFTY. We also saw hats raise awareness about a real life monster that affects us all – breast cancer. One of our favorite retailers is celebrating its 10th year anniversary. Make sure to check out our September Top 5 New Era caps to see what made #1.

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August 2014 Top 5 New Era Caps

This August, we spent our time in the summer heat getting all shook up with all the creative and unique New Era releases. Artist David Flores conducted Symphony No. 5950 with his Beethoven cap that was like music to our ears, and part 3 of the Andy Warhol collection was a sight to behold! There were also MAD caps for the homies, and Bespoke released their first New Era fitted hat collaboration. South Korean couture brand Juun. J also had a first – releasing the original calf hair luxury 59FIFTY! Make sure to check out our August Top 5 New Era Caps to see what made #1.


July 2014 Top 5 New Era Caps

This July, 2014, we all tipped our caps to Spike Lee and the iconic red Yankees cap. If Spike Lee had never made that call to New Era CEO Chris Koch and New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner back in 1996, for a red Yankees cap to match his jacket, we may not now have custom caps on our Top 5 list made with Faux Anthropomorphic Raccoon Fur, patches paying homage to retiring baseball players and caps all about supplying Diamonds! Make sure to check out our July Top 5 New Era releases to see what made #1.

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June 2014 Top 5 New Era Caps

Our June 2014 Top 5 saw the Wu-Tang Clan strike again – not from the slums of Shaolin, but from New Era Korea, which is based in Seoul. This city was honored in another one of our favorite releases this month. Seoul is the second largest metropolitan area in the world, and is the fashion capital of Korea. June also took us to another fashion capital: Milan, Italy, where designer Marcelo Burlon revealed his County of Milan x New Era collection – a slam dunk for those who like to wear couture caps. Speaking of slam dunks, Michael Jordan’s legacy with the Chicago Bulls was celebrated by New Era and Champs Sports in an incredible collection, which includes six snapbacks and a display case. It was a release that called for a party. We couldn’t think of a better reason to break out the champagne and fireworks except for the Fourth of July – a celebration where the Stars and Stripes are represented proud! Make sure to check out our June Top 5 New Era releases to see what made #1.


May 2014 Top 5 New Era Caps

For the past few months, our monthly Top 5 pieces have been wild and and wacky, with caps featuring: mutant blue fur; fur straight outta Moscow; bacon; a baseball bat-wielding, smiling Asparagus Man; a baseball bat-wielding, smiling #SockMan; and caps from a galaxy, far, far away, to name a few. However, May was all about caps with honor: honoring a legendary baseball player, honoring the struggle to gain civil rights that we now take for granted, and honoring troops who fight for our freedom. On a lighter note, there was also a cap honoring the Gotham City Police Force and all the hard work they do to help Batman fight crime. Not sure where this cap lies in the honor department, but there’s also 59FIFTY that features a baseball bat-wielding, smiling Tadpole. Make sure to check out this month’s Top 5 to see what made #1!


April 2014 Top 5 New Era Caps

Spring is in the air – a time for renewal and new beginnings. So, it is our great responsibility to swing by and bring you our Top 5 New Era Picks for April 2014, which saw New Era renewing their commitment to releasing fresh NFL caps. We also saw #SockMan, the infamous Red Sox logo from the 1950s, brought back to life on a 59FIFTY. But enough with New beginnings. New Era also wants us to remember the past, especially the 18th-century Rococo artistic movement. For many of us, we’ll also remember that this past April was colder than usual, so it’s good to know that BBC dropped a head-turning dog ear 59FIFTY – straight outta Moscow! Check out this Months Top 5 and make sure to hit the jump and see what made #1.

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March 2014 Top 5 New Era Caps

Here are our Top 5 picks for March which saw many New Era caps that are strong with the Force. We also saw a cap that is strong with the blue fur, and a collection of hats that is strong with the doughnuts. This made use feel so unhealthy that we had our ‘Asparagus Guy’ bring us some veggies. Because we all know that eating well is important, especially if you want to be a pitcher so amazing that New Era makes whole collection of caps named after you. Make sure to hit the jump and see what made #1.


February 2014 Top 5 New Era Hats

Here are our TOP 5 February picks which will surely leave you hungry for the rest of the day. February saw many MiLB teams revamp their uniform logos. Most of the teams that went through a redesign really pumped out some quality but only one made the top 5.  We also headed north of the border with the Vancouver Canadians new on-field releases and found a grumpy cat along the way. Make sure you hit the jump and see who made #1.


November’s Monthly Top 5

A little late, but better late then never.  Here are the top 5 monthly New Era picks for 2013’s month of November. We take you back to the dinosaur age with the Giza team exclusive from Japan, the Felon 59Fifty by Flawless, a graffiti artists dream with the Dissizit x 123 Klan collaborative and a special Mighty Ducks 20th anniversary 59Fifty that will quickly find its home in many collectors collections. Check the jump to see what landed in top spot. Stay tuned for our top 20 caps of 2013!


October’s Top 5 Monthly New Era’s

This October’s Monthly top 5 New Era hats are in and we think that you’ll be happy with the selection!  This month was heisted by Japanese collaborations, Minor League fitteds and a superhero you’ve probably never heard of?!?!? A Bathing Aape has really increased its visibility in the hat world this year and one of our favorite releases from them was the 24karats collaborative. Remember the pandemonium with the OnePiece New Era collaborations back in 2011? Well you had a second chance at redeeming yourself, did you capitalize? Click the jump to see who made it to number 1!


September’s Top 5 New Era Caps

Decisions, decisions! This month for September’s TOP 5 New Era hats we decided to focus on pieces that you cant get everyday or at a local lids. Rarity coupled with limited production in any economic setting will always create a demand, even with baseball caps. This monthly TOP 5 to us felt as though creativity was a common theme with some never before seen designs and some harder than usual to acquire pieces. See who got to the #1 spot, do you agree?

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Top 5 August New Era Releases

Nectalk’s monthly top 5 for August 2013 New Era releases are in and it’s an international affair featuring caps with roots from California, Canada, Paris, Japan and the Middle East. With alot of quality and creativity, this past months releases touch on topics like a new store, a hip hop group, god’s favorite DJ, the cali republic and fashion designer Kenzo Takada. Don’t be foolish and check out #1 under the lid!

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