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NECTalk’s Top 20 Comic New Era Caps

Wearing Iron man, Spider-Man, or Authentic Blue Mutant Fur on your head may not be the first things that comes to most people’s minds when they think of a New Era baseball cap, but next to pro sports-licensed hats, comic-themed caps are the most popular type of New Era hats amongst cap collectors and enthusiasts, and are always hot sellers! Gaining popularity in the late 2000s with the release of the big-face metallic Iron Man 59FIFTY, there are now countless New Era comic-themed caps. Whether you’re a DC or Marvel fan, root for the hero or the villain, there is probably a cap that features your favorite comic character. These hats come in a wide variety of different styles, designs and fabrics, including all-over patterns, metallic fabric and Authentic Blue Mutant Fur. Often strange in appearance, they’ll garner attention wherever you go, sometimes good – “Awesome hat dude!” – and other times, people may do a double take to see what you’re wearing on your head.(I’ve experienced this before). But don’t let that stop your stride, because with wearing caps so awesome and powerful comes great responsibility – to #FlyYourOwnSuperhero proud! We must understand that these comic-themed hats are not traditional baseball caps. These are hats that possess a certain…

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NECTalk’s Top 10 Couture New Era Cap Collections

Leopard print, Lagerfeld, and luxury aren’t the the first things that come to most people’s minds when they think of a baseball cap, but things have started to change. In 1996, when Spike Lee first asked New Era to make him a red custom Yankees fitted, it began to usher the New Era brand outside the realm of being just another “sportswear company.” This opened the doors to many different styles and designs of New Era caps being produced, featuring everything from countless custom color combinations of professional and college sports teams, to comic/cartoon characters, and streetwear brands. Recently, a new cap trend has started to emerge: the high-end couture New Era cap. The baseball cap has made its way from the field to the streets, and now to the catwalk.

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Top 5 April New Era Releases

April is always a great start to hat season! This monthly top 5 we saw many branded, superhero, team and even league New Era releases. One of our personal favorites among all the releases had to absolutely be the New Era Japan x Nintendo collaborative. If you’ve ever had the chance to play Super Mario on the NES you would quickly see how it’s success is what still makes it relevant today. See what made it to #1 and check out March 2013 Top 5, if you missed it.

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NECTalk’s Top 10 Craziest New Era Caps Of All Time

Fitted or Snapback? Marvel Comics or NFL?  With New Era’s wide variety of styles and licenses, there is no shortage of caps to choose from. Many amazing hats have been created by New Era and the brands and sports teams with which they have collaborated. We would have no problem wearing most of these caps in public, but there are some hats that many of us may think twice about before rocking outside of the house. These are the caps made for die-hard fans and those looking to make a statement – caps that can best be described as a bit crazy. We at NECTalk wanted to take a look at these hats – fur, metallic, and glow-in-the-dark! Nothing is off limits. The baseball cap has gotten a lot crazier since 1996, when Spike Lee first asked New Era to make him a red custom Yankees fitted. Here are the NECTalk Top 10 Craziest New Era Caps Of All Time. Do you agree with the list? -Give your  2 cents, here.

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Batman Snapack @ Hot Topic

Batman fans: make sure you head over to Hot Topic to purchase this Batman 9Fifty snapback cap in time for the upcoming release of the Dark Knight, on July 20, 2012. It comes in black, with a yellow and black Batman logo embroidered on the front, with a yellow under-visor, New Era logo, and snap. A great cap to wear to the theater for the premier of the movie!


New Era The Jake 3 Knit Comics

New Era recently released their “Jake” line of knit beanies fresh for winter. They have since expanded that line, now incorporating Marvel and DC comic characters. The knit cap features a retro inspired design with multiple strips encapsulating the chosen characters name such as Batman.  The bottom of the beanie is cuffed up and has the comic hero’s logo embroidered on the front. To top it off a pom in matching colors. Check out this latest New Era creation at


Lil Wayne x Hot Topic

Hot Topic has worked on a slew of exclusive custom New Era pieces including some DC Comics pieces and Lil’ Wayne. Two exclusive pieces are the Lil Wayne “Cash Money” & the “Weezy” 9 Fifty snapback caps. The Cash Money piece features a black colorway while the “Weezy” piece is done up in a red with Old English embroidery with an ornate theme. Check them out shortly via Hot Topic.

Batman “Vizasketch” 59FIFTY

Help keep the streets of Gotham City safe while rockin’ the Batman “Vizasketch” 59FIFTY. This is a classic Batman cap. It comes in black with yellow embroidery. The front displays the most well-known version of the Bat-Signal and the side flies the New Era flag. What makes this cap stand out is the comic sketch on the visor that features the Caped Crusader in an intimidating action pose. If you’re a DC Comics/Batman fan, shine your Bat-Signal, and #FlyYourOwnSuperhero wherever you go. Scoop this cap up now at Def Shop.


Batman Zombie New Era 9FIFTY Cap

Halloween is over, but that doesn’t mean you should pass up on this Zombie Batman 9FIFTY. DC Comics love to place their characters in alternate universes and this cap features the Black Lantern version of Batman. The hat comes in a grey crown with blue contrast visor and detailing. The front displays a grotesque human flesh hungry Batman. The under-visor displays an action pose of the Zombie version of the Caped Crusader and the right side features the Batman Black Lantern logo. If you’re a Batman fan, this is a spooky alternative that deserves a spot in your collection and on your head. #FlyYourOwnSuperhero proud, and pick it up at Superhero Stuff.


Supergirl Women’s 9FIFTY Snapbacks

With DC comic fans all gearing up for the upcoming “Supergirl” TV series, now is the perfect time to get into character in the “Supergirl” Women’s 9FIFTY collection from New Era Europe. This release includes two caps that feature pink detailing and embroidery, in a choice of a light gradient fade-effect on denim crowns. The front of the caps display the Supergirl “S” and the New Era flag is stitched on the side. Get that superhero style for the streets and #FlyYourOwnSuperhero proud. Scoop up this powerful snapback duo only at Snipes Shop.


Superman Metal Badge 9FIFTY Snapback

LOOK! It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s the Superman “Metal Badge” 9FIFTY snapback from New Era Europe! This clean cap will give you some serious style straight from the DC Comics Universe. It comes in all white, with a metallic gold Superman “S” on the front that really pops, and a gold New Era flag on the side. This snapback is so fresh that not even a whole bag of Kryptonite could slow down your Man of Steel swag! Just try not to get it dirty, after all, it is a white cap. No need to strap on a cape and head to the planet Krypton to cop this snapback. It’s available now at Foot Locker Europe. Don’t miss your chance to #FlyYourOwnSuperhero proud in one of the freshest comic caps that we’ve seen so far for summer 2015.


Marvel & DC Superhero 59FIFTY Caps

Stark Industries, the Gotham City Police Department and the big green guy have just linked up with the world’s leading headwear manufacturer, New Era, for some 59FIFTY caps. The Stark Industries fitted comes in black, with the “Stark Industries” logo on the front. The latest fitted from Gotham’s finest is a classic. It’s navy blue and displays the Gotham City Police Department shield that will strike fear into the hearts of the crooks in Gotham City.  Also available is a Hulk Gamma Radiation 59FIFTY. If you like your caps with a lot of SMASH swag, you won’t want to miss this cap. Fly Your Own Superhero proud. Check out these unique, custom comic caps today at Superhero Stuff.



Cap Talk: What’s On Your Mind

For our latest edition of Cap Talk, we connect with Chicago-based New Era enthusiast Jeff Townley – AKA #Geoffrey. Jeff has been collecting since 2010, and currently has over 400 caps! His collection features a wide variety of hats, including sports licensed headwear and character-themed caps. Make sure to check out our interview with Jeff Towley to find out about what inspired him to start collecting, some of his favorite caps, how he feels about the New Era cap collecting community and more! What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at

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Avengers: Age of Ultron New Era Caps

New Era and Marvel have assembled for the first officially licensed caps from the highly anticipated “Avengers: Age of Ultron” movie. These hats are available for pre-order now at Midtown Comics and will be releasing on 4/29/2015. Their are four hats available in this drop, in both 9FIFTY and 59FIFTY styles. The first 9FIFTY cap comes in a black crown with red embroidery. The front displays “Assemble,” with the New Era flag on the side and the visor displays an image of the Avengers, well, assembled in an action pose. The second snapback comes in grey with a black contrast visor. The front displays the Avengers logo and a comic character image, with the New Era flag on the side. Finally, the two showstoppers in this drop are the Big Face style metallic Iron Man and Captain America 59FIFTY caps. We know that cap collectors and enthusiasts will be dying to get their hands on these must-have pieces. Are you looking to suit up in these Avengers caps, soldier? If so, don’t wait until its too late and there are none left. Get the jump on this collection now. Pre-order all of these “Avengers: Age of Ultron” caps now at Midtown Comics.


New Era Knit Toques

Wear some of your most beloved characters, or rep your favorite NBA teams, while staying fresh and warm this winter in this series of New Era knit toques from Champs Sports that all feature a pom pom on top! The character themed toques in this release feature a wide-variety of characters from many different universes and licenses. Included in this drop are hats from The Simpsons, Disney, Transformers, Looney Tunes, Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics. Not into cartoons and comics? There are also many NBA licensed toques to keep you toasty warm while wearing your allegiance to your favorite basketball team. NBA teams in this release include: Nets, Knicks, OKC Thunder, Spurs, Bulls, Heat, Lakers and Trail Blazers. With so many toques in this release, there is bound to be one for not only you, but everyone on your holiday shopping list! Check out these winter hats and more at Champs Sports.


Batman New Era 9FIFTY

Support the Batman’s fight to keep the streets of Gotham City safe in this 9FIFTY snapback. This stunning snapback comes in shiny black PU material with yellow embroidery and detailing. The front displays the iconic Bat-Signal, with the New Era flag on the side, a yellow under-visor, and a yellow snapback. No need to go to Gotham to get this cap. It’s available now at Infinite UK. Pick up this bat cap to #FlyYourOwnSuperhero proud.


Deathstroke New Era 9FIFTY Cap

DC Comics fans will not want to miss out this Deathstroke 9FIFTY. This supervillain, considered by some to be an antihero, is making a rare appearance on a New Era cap. The cap comes in grey and blue with a contrast visor. The front displays a silhouette of Deathstroke’s face, superimposed with a smaller, more colourful Deathstroke face logo. The side flies the New Era flag. If you always have your nose in a DC Comic book, you need to stop reading for a second and scoop up this cap. It won’t last long. Connect with Spencer’s to get this snapback on your head and in your collection.


Superman Galaxy New Era 9FIFTY

Take your superhero cap game to intergalactic levels in this out-of-this-world Superman “Galaxy” 9FIFTY snapback. The cap comes in a black and purple colorway. The iconic Superman logo and the visor feature a galaxy pattern. The side flies the New Era flag. This snapback won’t make you faster than a speeding bullet, but when you wear it on your head people will say: Look! It’s a bird… it’s a plane… It’s the freshest Superman 9FIFTY in the galaxy! No need to go to another world to cop this cap. Just fly on over Style File to get yours, so you can #FlyYourOwnSuperhero proud!


Cap Talk: What’s On Your Mind

Two of the top-selling styles of New Era caps are professional sports licensed caps, followed by comic character-themed hats. Germany-based collector Benjamin Hickisch – AKA NEHectorius – started off purchasing pro sports caps but now only exclusively collects character-inspired caps, and he’s amassed quite an impressive collection – over 200 caps and counting! Now that’s how you #FlyYourOwnSuperhero proud. Benjamin lives with his girlfriend, who knows – Women Can Wear Caps Too! She shares in his passion for caps and has quite a few gems herself. Be sure to check out our Cap Talk interview with Benjamin to find out more about the rare caps in his collection, what inspired him to start collecting and where he picks up his caps in Germany. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at


X-Men Villains Gel Logo Trucker 9FIFTY

We know a lot of all-over pattern cap collectors/comic fans want to scoop up this cap. This trucker 9FIFTY hat features the whole gang of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants, who are often enemies of Professor Charles Xavier’s X-Men. The gang does not look to co-exist peacefully with humans, and often strives for world domination, which would probably happen if it wasn’t for the pesky X-Men! The front panel of the cap displays an all-over image straight from the pages of a comic book. It features villains such as Magneto, Juggernaut, Sabertooth and more! The front of the cap is also sublimated with transparent gel print. The back panels come in trucker mesh and the side flies the New Era flag. If you’re a comic fan who roots for the villains, this is a perfect hat to add to your collection.  Don’t believe in the Evil Mutant Brotherhood’s goals? There are also caps that feature the heroic X-Men in the same style. #FlyYourOwnSuperhero proud. Check out all of these X-Men-inspired caps at Stylin Online.