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Transformers Autobot “Faction Visor” 59FIFTY @ Style Online

Transformers fans who wear their allegiance to the Autobots in the war against the Decepticons should rock this 59FIFTY proud. This cap comes in black with the Autobot logo on the front in red and gold with the “Transformers” title logo on the back. The visor features a retro G1 image of Optimus Prime and the gang in an action pose. Autobot supporters! Roll out and add this cap to your collection. It’s available now at Style Online.


Transformers 59FIFTY Collection @ New Era Korea

Transformers fans! Choose which side you’re on in a collection from New Era Korea – that is more than meets the eye! Do you #WearYourAllegiance to the Autobots or Decepticons? This drop features two caps. A Decepticon 59FIFTY that comes in arctic camo, with the Decepticons logo on the front. The Autobos cap comes in a choice of woodland camo or grey. The Autobot logo is embroidered on the front with an image of Optimus and the gang in action on the underbrim. Which ever side you rep – #SpeakWithYourBot and rep it proud! ROLL OUT to New Era Korea to get your cap.


Transformers New Era Hats @ SuperheroStuff

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction makes its way to theaters tomorrow, June 27th 2014.  Just in time for the movie, Superhero Stuff has gotten stock of some exclusive New Era goods. The 9 Fifty snapback hats feature some of your favorite characters from both the Decepticons and the Dinobots camp such as Starscream, Grimlock and Megatron. For those who like the fit of a low profile styled stretch fit cap is the “Transformers Neo” 39Thirty. The hats are available via Superhero Stuff.


Transformers New Era 59Fifty Preview #2

If you saw the preview of the Transformers 59Fifty we showed you at the beginning of the week you probably got the shivers. New Era will be swinging in more Transformer pieces for the release of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. In this preview you see Optimist Prime and Galvatron but heads in a 59Fifty silhouette. Enjoy! …more

Transformers New Era 59Fifty Preview

If you talk Transformers your genuine appreciation for the level of entertainment the franchise offers is high. Just look at this next preview of 59Fifty fitted New Era hat that’s slated to release later this year just in time for  Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. Stay strapped because this year is a wild one for DOPE fitteds!!


New Era Transformers Autobot Snapback

Transformers fan check this out! The Autobots logo embroidered across the front of this 9 Fifty cap. In a neon teal with gray accents this cap has a great look. Check it out at


Transformers Megatron 9FIFTY Snapback @ Akaloko

Transformers fans who root for the villainous Decepticons will want to add this cap to their collections. It comes in black, with a giant silhouette of the Decepticon logo on the front, and overtop is Megatron’s name embroidered in bold white cursive lettering. The side of the cap features the New Era Flag and the rear displays the Decepticon logo in white. The dopest part of this snapback is the undervisor with an image of the G1 Megatron in an action pose. Transformers fans! ROLL OUT to Akaloko and cop this cap now!


New Era x Transformers Toy Caps by Takara Tomy

So I was surfing the web this morning and I ran across this post about some New Era x Transformers Toy Caps. I was IMMEDIATELY in awe! Being that I New Era cap collector and Transformers admirer like others in this world, I’m sure those same people will share my exact sentiments. This is amazing. The company manufacturing this EPIC collectable is Takara Tomy out of Japan. I’m unsure if these could actually be worn at this time but wouldn’t this look awesome in your closet or showcase? Stay tuned for more info! …more

Transformers 3 New Era 59Fifty’s

New Era hooks us all up with a preview of their Transformer 3 New Era 59Fifty’s slated to release yesterday via their NYC showroom at the “Dark Of the Moon” event.  The event held prize packs and giveaways and as usual dope music. The caps are commemorative to the “Dark of the Moon” TF3 movie releasing in theaters Wednesday June 29th. Call the New Era NYC flagship store for yours… Hopefully you don’t miss the train on this one.


Hiiro Tomita Hat Art “Transformers 3” Edition

In preparation for the Michael Bay film Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon, Hiiro Tomita Studios has created this custom hand drawn New Era of Optimus Prime. Paying close attention to detail, all minute pieces of the Transformer are included to give the artwork maximum accuracy. The artwork was hand drawn directly onto the hat. Visit Hiiro Tomita’s website for more of his work.

Transformers 3 x New Era Cap

TRANSFORMERS “Dark of the Moon” is set to release in movie theaters on June 29th 2011. New Era Cap has provided a sneak peek of the Transformers 3 collaborative pieces. This release sees a larger quantity of pieces to select from and include your favorite movie characters. All designs will be available at beginning June 20! View the jump the sneak preview.


Since the dawn of Cybertron, all lived in peace until MEGATRON, the leader of the Decepticons betrayed the world and started a revolution for power. Autobots and Optimus Prime, stands in their way for eternal domination nonetheless. Eventually the war was moved to Earth for the abundance of energon. And secretly, the war still wages on… The Autobots New Era fitted hat is linked with Hasbro to present the most recent line of Transformers hats. These are the limited edition ‘Visor Story’ 59Fifty New Era Caps. The visor has a images of the Autobots in action. Presented in the colorway of black, scarlet and gray, the hat is a collector’s item. Get yours today at

Transformers x New Era

The official release date of Transformers 2 is fast approaching and New Era NYC has now available a special run of limited Transformer New Era Hats in the form of a 59Fifty. It comes in a red body with royal bill . They have very few pieces and obviously they’re going fast!

Info: Antoine Shepard

New Era Knit Toques

Wear some of your most beloved characters, or rep your favorite NBA teams, while staying fresh and warm this winter in this series of New Era knit toques from Champs Sports that all feature a pom pom on top! The character themed toques in this release feature a wide-variety of characters from many different universes and licenses. Included in this drop are hats from The Simpsons, Disney, Transformers, Looney Tunes, Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics. Not into cartoons and comics? There are also many NBA licensed toques to keep you toasty warm while wearing your allegiance to your favorite basketball team. NBA teams in this release include: Nets, Knicks, OKC Thunder, Spurs, Bulls, Heat, Lakers and Trail Blazers. With so many toques in this release, there is bound to be one for not only you, but everyone on your holiday shopping list! Check out these winter hats and more at Champs Sports.


Cap Talk: What’s on your mind?

Thanks to collecting basketball cards, Tyler Hunsaker,  has been a sports fan his whole life and  wears his allegiance to the Atlanta Braves. Tyler has a passion for many things but the three that stick out the most are his watch, shoe, and hat collections. With over 150+ hats his collection has reached a place that is diverse and unique, especially with the addition of his custom 3D New Era 59Fifty sign. Need we say more? Check out his collection after the jump and peep what’s on his mind.  What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at …Read the Interview

Cap Talk: What’s On Your Mind

Straight from London, England we had the pleasure of connecting with Matthew Powling to chop up caps. Through our conversation with Matt we got to learn how he got started out in collecting New Era hats, some of his holy grails and even what his favorite brands are.  Check the jump to see what other interest facts Mr. Powling talks about. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at …more

Cap Talk What’s On Your Mind?

This weeks Cap Talk interview features Luke Tica from the Midlands in the U.K. Luke keeps rising his flag on a weekly basis by flying his own and adding pieces that make sense to him. His collection features an impressive base of superhero fitted New Era hats especially those of Batman and Joker and he’ll tell you why. Salute to Luke for connecting with us on this! Want to show off your collection? Hit us up at …more

Cap Talk: What’s On Your Mind

Our dude Miguel Acevedo aka Mike Ace takes us inside his cap collection this week. Being a New Era cap enthusiast, the extent of his superhero line up is truly a thing of beauty. But superhero’s aren’t his only favorite style of cap Mike is a huge fan of his local pro sports teams being the Philadelphia Phillies and the Eagles. Make sure to check out what he has to say. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at …Read Interview Here

Cap Talk: What’s on Your Mind

It was an honor to connect with Joe Lamantia a.k.a Chicago Joe because he knows whats up when it comes to New Era hats. As you can see from the pictures his collection has no limits. Collecting all his favorite local professional teams, superhero, branded and any lifestyle cap release you can think of, is most likely a part of his collection. You dont want to miss what Chicago Joe has to say after the jump. Seriously!! What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at


New Era By You Comic/Cartoon Character Options

Comic and cartoon fans! Have you ever wanted to rock an Autobots cap in a Yankees colorway? Or how about a Decepticon fitted in a NY Mets color combination? Now you can, with the recent additions to New Era & New Era Europe’s ‘New Era by You’ custom cap creation service. Adding to the many leagues already available, such as the MLB, MiLB & NBA, New Era & New Era Europe have included Justice League members Superman & Batman, as well as logos from two popular 1980s cartoon franchises: Transformers and GI Joe. So, now that you know, and knowing is half the battle, have some fun and head on over to New Era or New Era Europe and customize yourself a fresh New Era cap so you can #FlyYourOwnFlag to express how you feel and who you are!