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Yums Zack Singer Quartz 9FIFTY Collection


Red hot brand Yums connect with Dallas, Texas-based tattoo artist Zack Singer for the “Quartz” 9FIFTY collection. This release includes two 9FIFTY snapbacks in two cool color choices: blue, white, and turquoise or black, cardinal blue, and graphite grey. These snapbacks are embroidered with the iconic Yums logo; with a highly detailed Quartz print on the visor, and the New Era flag on the side. You can always count one Yums to bring creativity, style and fun to the table with their New Era releases, and this drop lives up to that standard. If you’re about that Yums Life, Fly Your Own Flag proud. Pre-order this collection today at Route 26.


Yums Star Spangled 9FIFTY Snapback


Straight out of Dallas, Texas Yums are gearing up for the Fourth of July celebrations with the “Star Spangled” 9FIFTY snapback.  And this cap is full of Americana! It comes in an all-over stars and stripes print, in a red, white and blue colorway. The front displays the Yums logo; the side is stitched with the New Era flag, and “Yums” script is on the the back. Live that Yums Life and represent the USA proud on Independence Day 2015. Pick up this cap today at New Era. What are you waiting for?!


Yums 9FIFTY New Era Snapbacks


Ever wondered why the Yums logo is so happy? It’s because the Dallas, Texas based brand are killin’ the game! The Yums fam are known for their wild, fun and creative headwear. The brand are never afraid to take chances, which is proven by their latest release. This S/S 2015 drop features two all-over tiger print snapbacks in vibrant colors. Also available, are more low-key (for Yums) snapbacks that display either an all-over pixelated print or tribal pattern visors. All of these caps feature the signature Yums logo on the front; the New Era flag on the side and “Yums” script on the back. Live the Yums life this summer. Shop this collection and more via Yums.


The Yums Metal Face New Era Collection


Yums introduce their Spring / Summer 2015 line up of New Era Caps surrounding their popular metal face logo.   A total of nine hats hit their online store in a slew of designs featuring  paint effects, flames, hardwood, grass and even a refreshing ocean water look. Yums doesn’t disappoint as usual! Their extra attention to detail used on materials for this collection really shows that their all about quality. Grab yours now via Yums.


Yums USA 9FIFTY Snapbacks


From New York City, to Los Angeles, and all the way to Hawaii! Represent some of the most most famous American cities and landmarks with this Yums 9FIFTY snapback collection. This release includes caps from the following cities and locations: Las Vegas, San Francisco, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York city and South Beach, Florida. These caps feature all over graphic on the front that display iconic landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, the beaches of Hawaii, and more! These images are superimposed with the Yums logo on the front, with the New Era flag on the side. Rep where you’re from, in a fun, creative style that only New Era and Yums can deliver. Pick up your cap today and Fly Your Own Flag proud!


Yums Metal Face 9FIFTY Snapback


Get that fresh look for spring 2015 with the Yums “Metal Face” 9FIFTY snapback. This cap comes in all white leather, with a Yums Metal Face logo on the front and the New Era flag on the side. Don’t miss out on this latest piece from Yums, who are well-known for their fun and creative designs. With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to get that clean look for spring. Grab this snapback now via Yums before it’s too late.


Yums 9FIFTY New Era Snapbacks


Dallas, Texas-based brand Yums are the life of the party, and they are getting wild with their latest spring 2015 New Era snapback delivery! This collection includes four colorful, creative snapbacks in a wide variety of designs and prints. The “Ballistic Cirque” 9FIFTY comes in 2-tone purple, with neon green detailing and an oversized logo on the front. The “Cirque” and Brushwork” snapbacks feature vibrant art-inspired all-over prints, with the iconic Yums logo on the front and the New Era flag on the side. Finally, the “Script” 9FIFTY comes in black and red panels, with “Yums” script on the front, the New Era flag on the side and the Yums logo one the back. With so many exciting caps in this release, there’s bound to be one to suit your tastes. Yums are having a party, and you’re invited! Cop your favorite New Era snapback from this release now via Yums.


Yums 9FIFTY Metal Face 9FIFTY Caps


If you’re about that Yums life, it’s time to get Metal’d up in this collection of 9FIFTY caps from Yums – a brand that is never afraid to take chances and express their creativity. This release includes three strapbacks and two snapbacks. The caps come in in a variety of color combinations, including black, gold and/or red and silver. The front of these hats display a raised metal Yums logo on the front in a choice of gold, two tone or silver titanium. They also feature a Yums metal branding on the back. These are fresh, stylish, creative caps that should put a smile on your face. We know they put a smile on our faces! Connect with Yums to scoop them all up.


Yums Black Tag 9FIFTY Collection


If you’re about that Yums Life, then you already know that the Dallas, Texas-based brand is well-known for releasing stacks of creative collaborative New Era collections. Yums are staying true to form for the holiday season with the “Black Tag” 9FIFTY collection. Included in this release are snapbacks that come in a variety of fun, vibrant and creative patterns, colors and materials, such as: paint splatter, trucker mesh, ostrich leather, shiny black material, and more! All of the hats display the Yums logo on the front and the New Era flag on the side. Are you about that Yums life? Prove it! Connect with the brand to keep your New Era snapback game fun and fresh for the holiday season.


Yums “Oh My! Wolf” 9FIFTY


Known for their fun, creative New Era collaborative headwear, Yums return for this holiday season with the furry and warm “Oh My! Wolf” 9FIFTY. We know a lot of New Era collectors that fly their own fun proud will want to scoop up this wild snapback for their collections. The cap comes in a grey faux fur crown with a black contrast visor. The front features a wolf logo in the classic Yums style. You may not need to put your snapback away for the winter if you’ve got this furry 9FIFTY on your head. Link up with Yums today to #FlyYourOwnFur to the fullest when the weather gets cold. What are you waiting for? Be about that Yums Life!


Yums Fall 9FIFTY Snapback New Era Caps


We’re about that Yums life, and you should be too! The brand always drops unique caps to keep your cap game yummy! Fresh off their huge fall release, they are back with even more caps! There is no stopping the Yums crew. The latest hats come in a wide variety of designs, materials and patterns, including plaid, shiny polyester, faux fur, polka dots, denim, camo and much more! Some of our favourites include the shiny “Quilted” polyester snapback, the “Primal” 9FIFTY, the “Classic Outline Flannel” cap and the “Oh My! Wolf” snapback, that features faux wolf fur all over the crown! If you love your caps creative, make sure to connect with Yums to check out all these latest caps.

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Yums Fall 2014 9FIFTY Snapbacks


If you’re about that Yums life, you know the brand always brings variety and creativity to their collaborative New Era caps, and they’re staying true to form with their fall collection, recently adding more caps to the drop! Yums have included camo and plaid styles to their fall collection to make sure you have some hot headwear when the weather gets cool. If you like what you see, head on over to Yums and check out all of their fall New Era releases. But be warned: you’ll probably have a hard time just buying one! cap!


Yums Connection 9FIFTY


If you’re about that Yums life and and also love polka dots, this 9FIFTY is a must-have snapback to add to your collection. It comes in yellow, with a black, white and red all-polka-dot-everything all-over pattern. The front is embroidered with the Yums logo. If you like your caps on the wacky side, don’t miss out on this piece. It’s available now at Yums. …more

Yums Oh My! Panda 9FIFTY


If you’re about that Yums life and love pandas, this 9FIFTY cap should be on the top of your list. It comes in a black and white panda colorway (obviously) with a panda bear Yums logo on the front, the New Era logo on the side and a fur shell. If you want to #FlyYourOwnPanda proud, get your paper up and cop this cap today at Yums. Bamboo not accepted.


Yums Clothing Summer 2014 New Era Caps


Yums Clothing has updated its summer 2014 New Era Cap collection with a huge range of 9Fifty snapbacks. The majority of the hats that have released are new editions to the family dubbed the Old School, the Bold 2, the Wild One, the Ballistic Crystal, the Shades Face, and the Bold Crystal Camo just to name a few. The expansion of color options and materials used would make this collection one of the largest Yums collections to date. Check out the complete series now via Yums Life.


Yums Bold 2 Snapback


With the USA making it all the way to the round of 16 at the World Cup, and the America celebrating the Fourth of July,  it’s a great time pick up this Yums snapback. It comes in an ice grey, scarlet red, and blue colorway. The front is embroidered with “YUMS” in a similar style as the USA Dream team logo. A nice touch! With this cap on your head, you’ll not only be reppin’ one of the hottest brands but also the USA! Connect with Yums for yours.


Yums Wild Style New Era Collection


The Yums Black Tag collection gets an uplift with its “Wild Style” 9Fifty pack. Coming in three colorways theses hats are available in some vibrant colors with a paint drip effect. Which one is your favorite, the black, blue or infared? Check them out now via Yums. …more

Yums Classic Flat Face Snapback


YUMS Clothing updates its latest hat to its online webstore in the “Classic Flat Face” 9Fifty snapback. The cap uses a two tone approach with a black brim, grey body and a very small hint of white accents. If your feeling what the Yums family has to offer is up your alley then check them out.


Yums New Era Spring 2014 Update


Streetwear clothing brand YUMS is at it again with its most recent New Era update. Going strong with the 9Fifty snapback they introduce four more hats to their most recent Spring 2014 release known as the Ballistic Crystal, Bold Yums, Ballistic Glow, and the Classic Outline Glow. Get them now via Yums.


YUMS Spring 2014 Collection


Check out these new styles from the Yums crew with a heavy spring 2014 collection featuring some VERY FRESH New Era’s. The hats are not limited to the colorways we’ve shown above in the Jams 2.0, The Digi Camo, The Watercolour, and The Crystal Camo. Head over to YUMS to see everything that’s available.