New Era “Batman” Fitteds @ On Spotz


Batman became a popular character soon after his introduction in May of 1939. Now some 70 years later, available at On Spotz is two New Era fitted Batman caps. Known as the “Batman” (above) and the “Big One A-Gold” (bellow), these fitteds are made with 100% wool. Pick them up at On Spotz.



  1. Why are these hats only released in Japan and the UK. What are the US marketers doing? The UK has really nice exclusive Batman hats that are never going to be released here in the US and they cost much more in US dollars. This is ridiculous.

  2. ..i like batman hat …!!!! i have a collection … chhhhhhhhhhhhhhaarrrrrrrrr lng …!!!!!!!!!

  3. My Gied!! i want that!! :)))))))))

  4. Hey Tricia, Those hats are from 2008. Check out what new era has in inventory here:

  5. I want to buy the “Big-One-A-Gold” Fitted. Where do I go to buy it because I don’t see a buy option here?

  6. How can I buy this hat?

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