EK – Brand Extentsion – By New Era


New Era Cap Co., the premier, global headwear designer, developer and manufacturer, announced the launch of its brand extension, a fashion headwear brand, EK by New Era.” First shown at Bread and Butter Barcelona in July 2007, EK by New Era will deliver to retail stores in Spring 2008. EK by New Era is an exclusive collection of headwear that celebrates New Era’s heritage, passion for excellence and promotion of individual style.

The debut line will present 12 fashion hat silhouettes each for Men including Trilby, Fedora, Military and Flat cap styles utilizing linens, satin, pinstripe canvas and cottons. The range which puts premiums on materials, quality and design will be signed off with the iconic New Era flag. “EK by New Era presents a part of the company’s history that many of its fans are unfamiliar with,” said New Era’s CEO Christopher H. Koch. “When my great-grandfather launched New Era in 1920 we made fashion headwear, Gatsbys, and did so for 10 years prior to making baseball caps. The new brand has historical context for New Era and it presents the company as a comprehensive headwear brand to the market. With this addition we can meet all aspects of our consumer’s headwear needs and that is vitally important to us.” Ehrhardt Koch founded the New Era Cap Company in Buffalo, New York in 1920. Over 87 years later, his dream of creating headwear that would span generations and cultures and revolutionize the industry has become a reality.


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