Dynamic Duo x New Era = FIRE

Some more Batman Heat to report from New Era NYC, this time around they include his trusty counterpart R-to-the-N. These next levels are so impressive that we had to include all four series directly on the blog, forget about a jump. Hopefully Antoine hits us up with some details about exclusivity and so forth….

Info: Antoine Shepard


  1. where can i get these hats from?

  2. How can I buy one of that caps?

    thank you!

  3. Can i buy the Black/Navy Blue Robin Hat here?

  4. I want the robin hat with the red front and yellow/black ‘R’ logo. Where can I get this from? I can’t find it on the new era shop website!

  5. Matthew B

    where can i find these hats cant find em anywhere

  6. Yo where can I get the white version of the duo

  7. RichieRich

    where can these hats be found ive been lookin for hours now

  8. I want to buy them

  9. Please tell me

  10. Like to order the robin hats

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