GENERATIONS Pack Fitted Hawaii

Our elders. They’re our infinite guiding light of wisdom & knowledge acquired from previous generations and passed on to the youth. Our elders have experienced and gone through the same adversities and achievements that us younger generations may have recently gone through, or perhaps not even come across yet. It’s habitual for our parents or grandparents to naturally pass these generations of knowledge on to the keiki and although we may not notice it, we absorb every drop of wisdom in our mental. To salute the one’s that came before us, Fitted Hawaii put together a t-shirt + custom Fitted combo pack. The fitted is a New Era collaboration which features an all over print of a Hawaiian quilted pattern in heavy stitching using whites, teals and purple. There’s also light stitching on the brim, followed with a teal underside. The inside sweatband uses the same proverb as seen on the shirt with a purple satin lining. These are guaranteed to fly off the shelves! Releasing this Saturday. 11 AM. Check out Fitted to see the tee’s!

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