Freshjive Summer Release

Founded in 1989 in Los Angeles California, Freshjive is an urban streetwear clothing line with roots in the hip-hop, skateboarding,  and street art subcultures. With the summer in full effect, Freshjive will soon be releasing their Summer New Era collaborations. Coming in two colorways, Yellow and Royal blue, the front crowns hold an embroidered “LA” logo with a palm tree and four aqua embroidered lines representing the ocean. Keep you eyes open for the release at Freshjive accounts across North America. Ocean, lake, or river get out to the beach this summer and rock this Freshjive New Era.


  1. Where can I purchase one of these hats today?

  2. want this hat so bad but i cannot find it ANYWHERE!

  3. Where can I find the blue LA hat??

  4. WHere can I find the blue hat with the palm tree?

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