The ICON is BACK – New Safecracker Icon Colorways

The ICONIC “Safecracker Icon” is back in 4 new colorways at Vault. The “Safecracker Icon” is back in 4 new colorways at Vault. The Safecracker was originally designed by Benny Gold, the four new colorways were selected by Jon-Jon and King Carl. The first fitted comes in a cement / red / black / white colorway, it is inspired by the classic Jordan III cement colorway. The navy / white / silver fitted is dedicated to the Bronx Bombers, the team you love to hate. The third fitted is also dedicated to the boys of summer, who used to play in the park Ruth built. It features a white crown and navy pinstripes with a navy brim and it goes well with any Yankee jersey. The last fitted is based on the Chicago White Sox uniform, it is similar to the Yankee version it features a white crown and black pinstripes and a black brim. Check out Vault for your own Safecracker New Era!

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