A LOOK TO THE PAST Acapulco Gold

As experts on AG know, Acapulco Gold occasionally like to take a look back at past work to delve a little deeper into the stories behind them.  When they originally started working on their classic New Era Housing Caps, they wanted to make one for each and every projects in the city.  But as with everything in life,  they had to edit the choices down and went with the 3 (Marcy, Queensbridge, and Harlem River) which are now collectors items.  However, there were 2 caps which didn’t make the cut. So here for the first time Acapulco Gold present an exclusive look at the St Nicholas Houses and Woodside Houses New Era’s which round out the entire Housing Series.  These were also made in The Royal and Black colorways like the originals.  These caps are NOT for sale and only live on in the annals of Acapulco Gold sample history.

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