MQ Capsule Collection Upper Playground

MQ doesn’t paint, he bombs. MQ is notorious for his brash style and the sheer volume of his work in the streets. For over a decade, the New York City-born artist has made his name in the graffiti world by being fearless and staying true to street culture. Now, for the first time, MQ’s style is being applied to new canvases: the New Era 59FIFTY and the t-shirt. The MQ New Era caps come in 2 variations: LA Style and UP Bubble. LA Style features the style originating from the City of Angels and features the angular, linear letters in bright orange embroidery on black wool. UP Bubble features MQ’s bubble handstyle embroidered in MQ’ s signature metallic silver. Both New Eras feature a Tyvek label with MQ’s rendition of the UP logo on the back of the hat.The new collection, as well as the Montana Colors can, is now available at all Upper Playground retail stores and online at the Upper Playground web store.

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