The Legends League x New Era

The Name comes from a higher thinking and lifestyle of people that associate themselves with Sneaker Culture. Sneaker lifestyle is an aspect that belongs to those who care about their self image and stand by a mind-state of trendsetting, discovering exclusives, and finding ones uniqueness.  Individuals within the Sneaker Culture Society are always on the hunt of finding the latest exclusives and having the latest product on the streets that satisfy them.

We gave you a preview of this fitted back in MARCH 2010 and now the good folks of have been sent The new LegendsLeague ” FGM x New Era by by IdeaLL clothing line which is a Free Gucci Mane Colorway from Bryan Espirtu’s wealth fitted collection of spring / summer 2010. This hat is very limited to 100 pieces globally and now available @ the Legend Leagues webstore. View some exclusive shots here!

Legends League FGM New Era Fitted shot by from David Bremang on Vimeo.

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