One Piece New Era, known for a great inventory of New Era’s just received the One Piece 59Fifty collection. The front crowns on these fitteds feature a cross bone skulls with the One Piece logo on the wearers right side, and detailed map patterns on the underbill. Grab yours today at


  1. dylan jonic

    anybody have one of these in a 7 3/8 or 7 1/2 I will pay well for it please email me at

  2. rey jhon


  3. Hey yo i got dem caps.
    holla at me if you’re interested :D

  4. where i can have that hat’s ???? please tell me

  5. jane jones

    i need these hats. i have a few, i need specific ones to complete my collection. pls contact me if you are selling these! thank you

  6. Oh man, I want these hats… but I can’t find a seller in the U.S.

    Please, if anyone knows how to get these contact me and let me know! :)

  7. Wow cmon i want a fking hat but onspotz is fking chinese or something… cant understand shit

  8. ridho

    pleeease….can I have it? contact me ok

  9. ridho

    pleeease tell me how to get that cool hat :(

  10. i want one! with the strawhat pirates’ logo.. but i live in the philippines..please contact me where i can buy one or is there a store that can ship to the philippines.. email me! please help! :)

  11. mugiwara–are there any of Zoros era hat in London?????Email me if you know where or something..

  12. BELLISSIMIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ne vorrei uno…quello con il teschio di Zoro…..dove lo posso avere??per favore fammi sapere!!..grazie mille!!!

  13. i want one first on the lower part how much?

  14. is there anybodey who can send it by mail to israel?
    i wanted one of those for a long time

  15. Eusebio

    How can i have one? i wanna it, but im from mexico! how can buy it?

  16. im looking for them you can emailme at

  17. How can I have one? pls email me
    I’m from Negros Oriental, Philippines.

  18. JItendra

    I want to buy one what is the process for the same?

  19. JItendra

    My email id –

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