Revive New Era Update

Revive Michigan has just received a major shipment of Custom New Eras, MAJOR!! The line up is enormous and consists of mainly home town team fitteds and some all new rare jems that is putting Michigan on the Map. First up is The Plate”. This clean royal blue cap pays a visit to the 2005 series license plate of Michigan.

“MICHIGAN, REVIVE, GREAT LAKES” are the bold words placed on the cap. The tab sticker lays on the side and indicates that we MAKE MOVES since 06 for Michigan. The under brim of this cap is gray, which is the 3M representation of the license plate. Next up is the Woodward Dream Cruise, it is the biggest car gathering in Michigan. Classic vehicles to the fastest cars on the market, this is where you see the best cars in the nation. Woodward is also the most known roadway in Michigan. Lastly we have The state’s initial “MI” is detailed like a signature and is placed onto the solid navy crown. There’s also a gray underbrim to give it a vintage feel. For the finishing touches, Revive placed their team logo on the back. Don’t slack, some serious heat. These are exclusive to the Revive shop so check them out now @


  1. jus copped 3 michigan customs and 1 bbc ice cream fitted from the fresh batch! major props for posting and keepin the nectalk fam up to date on hot drops like this!!!

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