FOTM: Hiiro Tomita “Artist” Interview

When did you start drawing?

  • I’ve always been interested in hand drawing. As a child, that has been my favorite hobby for as long as I could remember.

How did you come about drawing on New Era fitted caps?

  • So once my very first New Era hat got dirty, I decided to experiment with it and see what it would be like if I drew some designs on to it. Once I had finished, I wore the hat around my college campus and got really great comments from friends and decided that what I had started was becoming a great sensation. I posted my pictures on facebook and from there, people started asking me to do their hats as well.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

  • I get my inspiration primarily from Japanese tattoos artwork. Although most of my hats are based off of the Japanese “irezumi”, I am not limited to this type of work. I have also done hats with graffiti based designs and cityscapes. Basically, everything inspires me in different ways and that affects the outcome of my artwork.

Have you experimented with other goods besides fitteds?

  • Not only do I do designs on hats, but I have experimented with designs on shoes, shirts, and also tattoos.

How does it work if someone wants your art done on their fitteds?

  • Also, clients can request what can be drawn and that becomes the basis of how the design is made.Yes, I take orders on custom hats and do them for my friends and whoever is interested. Once I get in contact with the client, I work out a deal and the design process will begin. I am open to any kind of request on what the client wants on the hat and am not limited to the Japanese “irezumi” theme. You can also see more of my work on my official website, where you can also contact me for any type of information or pricing.

Where do you want this to take you?

  • I would just like to say that I hope to one day become renowned for my artwork and spark an interest of many companies including New Era. I hope what I have done to the New Era hat, can be compared to the likes of what the artist “Futura” has done to the Nike shoe. I strive to support myself off of my own designs and in any way possible, create an opportunity to become a well respected artist with my own unique taste.


  1. Looks Dope!

  2. Sick, when im not poor definitely gonna be checking out the prices. :)

  3. I loVe hEt

  4. really nice work!

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