Secret Society x PHI IOTA ALPHA “El Leon”

Phi Iota Alpha Established in 1931, is the Oldest Latino Fraternity in Existence. Dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Latin American Culture.  Secret Society has recently teamed up with Phi Iota Alpha and New Era to create one sick cap!  Design & Production work done by the Secret Society team lead by creative director Epic,  It features a Blue base and their mascot (a lion) embroidered on the front panel. The cap also has their fraternity’s name embroidered in Greek lettering on the underbrim. One thing that is rarely seen on other fitteds, is having a quote on the inner part of the crown. It states “Solo queiro Leones en mi regimento”, which means “I only want lions in my regiment” quoted by their own, Jose De San Martin. This hat is strictly for Phi Iota Alpha members,   They can be purchased at the Sons of 31 website or the upcoming Phi Iota Alpha’s 79th Anniversary Convention in Miami Florida!  From July 21 – 24th! Check out Secret Society for a glimpse a different angles of the cap.


  1. The letters of the organization are old but the fraternity was re-founded in 1987. The true FIRST Latin fraternity is Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. Established in 1975.

  2. That is incorrect they were established 1931 meaning 1931 is BEFORE 1975. They have a brother that pledged in 1955 so please explain.

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