1. Awesome colleciton!!! I need these hats!

    Nice reppin plyaa

  2. This is the sickest collection of hats I’ve ever seen. The three in front are so damn hot

  3. word B, illest hat stackin in history yall, if i could have sex with those hats i would definetly do it boi

  4. The white blackhawks is fucking insane! You got like every hat in the world, nigguh!!

  5. Ugly collection, are you white or something?

  6. I don’t get how you can rep the Yankees and Boston. It’s one or the other, so burn those Beantown hats

  7. Big Black Nigga with a non icy watch

    He is prob a undercover fag

  8. Love the collection, fuck thum haters

  9. Nice collection but im getting the feeling that your white og chinese

  10. Why you commenting on your own picture. Plus your hats are extra wack.

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