Rivals U of L vs UK 59Fifty’s

One of the largest and most intense college sports rivals is held between Louisville & Kentucky which has been going on for years on end. Although overlooked by other team rivals the U of L vs UK rivalry certainly has a major impact in the college sports world. Every year on New Year’s Eve in ATL @wsteven hosts a “U of L vs UK Basketball Rivalry” event (check jump for details.) ALL are invited. The New Era Atlanta flagship location has decided to get some caps sent through inlight of the event and for you to show which side you pull for. The University of Louisville pieces are limited to 24 in total and come in a basic or woodland camo colorway. If your looking to link up with one of these pieces you may want to do so quickly by getting in contact with New Era ATL’s Flagship Location at 404-584-0151. Follow & Tweet them @New_Era_ATL.


Date: 12/31/11
Venue: Encore Restaurant & Lounge
Address: 2520 Piedmont Road Atlanta,GA. 30324
Time: 12:00 noon


  1. Shamon Walker

    I was trying to get the Rivals U of L vs UK 59Fifty’s cap, but i wanted the UofL camo. CAP AN WAS WANTING TO KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO HAVE THAT HAT ON THE 31st? I need to know how muck an were to order it from please?

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