Mishka 2012 Spring New Era’s

The Mishka Spring 12 line of fitted hats features new twists on old designs, numerous colorways, plus a choice selection of brand new stuff. As always, Mishka‘s got brand new colorways of your old favorites, including a red & blue Oversized Death Adder and an absolutely killer Knicks palette on the Keep Watch Fitted. For even more Keep Watch action, Mishka got Lamour Supreme to draw his own take on the bloody eyeball, incorporating a Cyco Simon pupil to form the Lamour Keep Watch New Era.

If you want to stay inside the box, then take a look at the Mop Box New Era, featuring everyone’s favorite evil bear in one of our favorite geometric shapes. Last but not least, Mishka has a serious dose of painters caps this season, the black & green Keep Watch New Era Painter Cap and and a seriously sinister Death Adders New Era Painter Cap. Look for these to make there way on Mishkas webshop shortly!

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