Baseball Customs @ Ecap City

Along with sneaker matching and wild customs Ecap City is ahead of the curve with unique designs that are separating them from the rest of the pack. Just look at two pieces from their weekly drops. The first cap is a Detroit Tigers custom done in understated colors of white and cream. The differentiating aspect of this toned down cap is the Detroit Tigers logo, which is threaded in matching cream, has dropped the “D”.

The “D” less logo has left just the Tiger’s outline. The second cap is a Yokohama Baystars custom in black and orange, with green underbrim. This continues their use of NPB teams (Nippon Profesional Baseball, Japan’s Pro Baseball league). A few weeks back Ecap City scored big with a Yomiuri Giants custom which sold out in days. Just like the Yomiuri New Era the Yokohama Baystars custom was released Thursday, and by Friday night was almost sold out. It just goes to show how big of a hit Japanese team customs are with collectors. Hopefully the trend of American New Era retailers making NPB customs will be big in 2012. To check out all of Ecap City’s release and what you may have missed out on, click over to

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