Ebay® “The Auction Block”

If your a member of the NECT forum then you all ready know that respected member “moontheloon” has decided to part ways with much of his New Era collection. Before you could even look at all the awesome pieces he had to offer, the entire collection was purchased! The purchaser of moontheloon’s coveted New Eras was Ebay seller “saveonauthentics“. About 20 or so rare and sought after New Eras are already at auction with more likely to be listed in the coming days. 

The hats sizes range from a 7 3/8 to 7 5/8. Current heavy hitters already listed  are choice Clink Room caps (including the Sea Devils No. 2), pieces from The Hundreds (the Adam Bomb 420 cap and the Hall of Fame collab), and a number of Muhammad Ali New Eras. Check them all out at Ebay saveonauthentics auction and keep an eye out for more rare New Eras to be listed.

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