Microphone Wrap 59FIFTY

New Era UK has released a variety of colorways for their Microphone Wrap 59Fifty. With any musician trying to make it in the game, the microphone has been an essential tool in recording creativity onto tracks. This new Microphone hat definitely captures that importance with the Mic on the front two panels and the chord wrapped around the whole crown. For more pictures of the hat, look at New Era UK.



  1. My friend has New Era Microphone hat all red with a Gold microphone do you have this hat available?

  2. onde eu posso comprar este boné no brasil quero um preto numero 7.naõ acho pra comprar.meu telefone é 11 973245713
    meu endereço é Rua:rui barbosa n:9 bairro :rancho grande cep:13306-091 cidade:itu estado :são paulo.pais :brasil

  3. Maureen Forte'

    I would like to have this cap with a gold mic. is that possible?

  4. Luis Jose Ghilardi

    hi i want this cap, but i actually live in lima peru, i want it all black with white microphone, please send me a mail !!

  5. Anthony M

    How can I order the “Microphone wrap hat to the new era/lids store in Toronto?

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