NECTALK 2.0 NOW HERE!!!!!!!!! version 2.0 is FINALLY HERE!!!!  An amazing tool and resource for all your baseball cap needs. We call it a little growing pain but you can now count on daily updates on the latest releases, a featured section of all hype articles, ease of past article navigation (so you can make use of all that content), an amazing forum and the soon to be opened marketplace.

The Nectalk platform is also now offered in a multitude of languages with our specialized Google feature at the top right of the page. Even if you need to check the latest updates on the fly you can do so on your mobile device as the content on our page is scalable to accommodate any screen resolution. One thing we can proudly say is that we’ve been without the shadow of a doubt the most comprehensive site on all the latest New Era updates in the world, period! Enjoy expending your CAPacity among other enthusiasts around the globe. KEEP AN EYE OUT WE WILL BE ANNOUNCING THE GIVEAWAY WINNERS THIS JUNE 8th!!! From the Whole Nectalk Team thanks for tuning over the past five years! We are all SO HAPPY TO BE BACK AT IT!!!!!!!!!



  2. Amazing work guys. Ive been here since almost day 1. So exciting to see the site grow as it has. Very cool. Maybe I will put some second thought into contributing to the news section. I want to help this site grow even bigger than it has!

  3. Good looks! Glad to see a great update!

  4. B18c_tuner

    Impressive! Loving the new look, and I can’t wait to see the updates. Keep up the progress!!

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