Snapback vs Fitted – Which Style of Cap Reigns Supreme?

“Had a fitted cap. Now I rock a snapback.” Mac Miller stated this a few years ago in his song Snap Back, at a time when most people were wearing fitteds. But things have changed. Snapbacks were a fashion staple in the early 1990’s, with everyone from Will Smith to N.W.A wearing them – a trend that eventually died down. For years, the fitted was the cap of choice in popular culture and fashion. Who would have thought, even a few years back, that so many people would be sharing Mac Miller’s sentiments about what style of cap they wear?

The snapback resurgence began as a subculture among cap collectors, fuelled by a younger generation of artists such as the aforementioned Mac Miller and the Cool Kids, who wore the retro caps in their videos. This new generation of cap collectors would search thrift stores for the most unique and retro snapbacks they could find. The trend caught on quickly and has permeated mainstream fashion and culture, with celebrities such as Chris Brown and Jay-Z  wearing the snapback. New Era embraced the movement and began producing their own line of 9Fifty snapbacks. Walk into any New Era Store and you’ll see just as many snapbacks on the shelves as fitteds. Many brands and retailers are actually now producing and selling more snapbacks than fitteds. Vintage snapback boutiques have also started to open up in many cities.


The snapback revival has led to a debate amongst cap collectors and enthusiats about which style of cap is better – the fitted or the snapback? Let’s break down some of the similarities and differences between both styles of caps. Both snapbacks and fitteds encompass many teams, brands, lifestyles, and characters. However, the fitted lends itself more to full image character caps and all-over patterns, such as Star Wars and Transformers, making use of the complete shell. The fitted is also still the cap of choice for sports enthusiasts. They are usually made with a heavier material such as wool or polyester, making them ideal for cooler weather. They also start at a higher price point than snapbacks. Fitteds are also more durable, although they are more prone to shrinking due to water and sweat. The fitted’s size cannot be adjusted. When shopping for a fitted, finding out that a shop doesn’t have the size of cap you are looking for can be a heartbreaking experience.


The snapback compliments the retro look. It is usually less expensive than a fitted and is made with lighter materials, making them ideal for warmer weathter. With its adjustable strap, the snapback is more accomodating in sizing, making shopping for snapbacks a more pleasant experience. It was tough for the bloggers at to decide which style of cap we like better. In the end, we decided our preference is still the fitted, due to its enduring legacy and iconic status. The snapback’s revival has led to many questions: is it a passing trend that will die out again, or is the snapback here to stay? Some say that no style of cap will ever replace the fitted – it has always been a staple in fashion and sportswear and will remain as such. Others say that the fitted has gone out of style. In conclusion, we at hope both styles of caps remain popular amongst cap enthusiasts. No matter what side of the debate you are on – snapback or fitted – the more styles and options we as cap collectors have, the better. As long as both types of caps remain popular, we all win!



  2. Fitted till I die!

  3. saru415


  4. Snapback!!!

  5. Wilee

    Real men were fitted !!!

  6. jordy

    snapback, fitted… who the fuck cares as long as its fresh and it fits… this war between snapbacks and fitteds is brainless

  7. I don’t discriminate, but I HIGHLY prefer fitteds. Snapbacks can become an eyesore, but the fitted will always stay a classic.

  8. Fitted all the way! Snapbacks were what I rocked when I couldnt afford a real NE. Snapbacks look like farmer/trucker hats. Fitted to the death!

  9. Dangtime

    Ima have to add another vote to the Fitteds. I used to tock snapbacks when I was a lil kid.

  10. Dangtime

    Ima have to add another vote to the Fitteds. I used to rock snapbacks when I was a lil kid.

  11. StickersR4Dummies

    Snapbacks were produced for the people who couldn’t afford to buy Fitteds. FITTEDS ALL DAY

  12. 59 FIFTY!

  13. Jay-Z Snapback

    A grown ass man can’t wear snapbacks unless you’re he’s rapper or someone.

  14. The snapback retro look is dope though!

  15. Super Ran


  16. snapbacks and tatoos

  17. Sami Uddin

    Fitteds I personally prefer. I like fitteds more because their comfy, nicer look, and they have that tough street style that I like, while snapbacks have that retro or skater style. When wearing a snapback, it’s best to where it with only retro clothes. When wearing a fitted, almost anything goes well with it. Another thing is that I don’t see grown men wear snapbacks, since most teens and younger kids wear snapbacks. And when you wear snapbacks with doorags or bandannas, they don’t look right.


  19. Snapback Fresh Till I Die!

  20. I don’t really care either way. If it fits, and it looks good, then there’s really a minimal difference. I wear my snapback more often, but that’s only because the color of it goes with more of my wardrobe than my fitted…

  21. fitted do or die

  22. Snapbak swag poi yolo


  24. TooLayzie

    Fitted all the way snapbacks remind me of a lil kid

  25. Fitted! The only disappointment for me is, you are producing so many snapbacks with awesome motifs that never appear on a fitted like the “Hero Block”, the “Cabesa Punch” or the (OMG, I WANT IT SO BAD)-“Hero Classic”-series. To be honest, I hate snapbacks and the style. It bugs me to look like a little wimp from the ’90s. So all my love go to the 5950 but I hope that you will offer more motifs for both, 5950 and for 950.
    Thanks from germany.

  26. Snapbacks are for kids and broke men!!!

  27. Fitted. Snapbacks are for people with inconsistant head sizes

  28. Im in the process of starting a Hip hop/ skate clothing line etc.. I know people Rock both fitted and Snapback but what would sell better this day and age and in the future what do you see staying in or fallen all the way off? fitted or snap back? I have some Dope concept’s and Logo/design’s

  29. los snapback son para aquellos niños que no vivieron el estilo del rap de los 90s y desean revivirlo con su ropa …. for example lil wayne the “better rapper of this centenary” or wiz khalifa pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff….. fitted rules 4 eva…

  30. IM a girl and I say FITTED! It looks hotter and way more sophisticated !

  31. snapbacks are gay looking with that piece of plastic in the back fitted all the way.

  32. Jimmy Carl Black

    OK, so I’m actually old enough to remember all the trends that caps have gone through in the last 30 years. First, the article is inaccurate. Snapbacks as a style were never specifically popular in the early ’90s. Specific types of caps were (e.g., LA Kings caps). The issue was that snapbacks were often all that was available for anything other than MLB caps. If you wanted a Kings or Raiders cap in 1992, you were most likely going to have to wear a snapback. However, snapbacks were always seen as less authentic and dorkier than fitteds. If you were able to find a Kings or Raiders cap with a fitted back in 1992, you would have been a fashion god. The current trend toward snapbacks is laughable to me because they were always the cheap, dorky style back in the day.

  33. Worshipful Master

    They are both going out of style fast, and its debatable that either one were ever in style. You want style and class in one hat, you gotta go Top Hat. Abe Lincoln, Scrooge McDuck, the Monopoly dude. Nothing says classic baller like the Top Hat. Top Hate reigns supreme.

  34. doggy dogg


  35. 35 year old dad – I wear them both. I could care less as long as I like the look of the hat.
    My 12 and 14 year old daughters – snapbacks ONLY – “Fitted are old fashioned dad”. We live in the Los Angeles area.

  36. dJ 1080


  37. A lot of brag tube comments – personally couldn’t give a stuff. Snap back or fitted – love am both. If it looks good it looks good…..

    I bend the peak – remove stickers and think it’s more fag to sweat the small shit

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