The Beagle Boys x New Era

The Beagle Boys where fictional characters featured in the Duck Tales cartoon that would constantly try rob Scrooge McDucks money. The Beagle Boys consists of Burger, Baggy, Bouncer, Bigtime, Ma Beagle, Bugle, Bankjob and Baby Face. A few collaborative New Era’s featuring the Beagle Boy crew have surface and are proving to be a rare find! You may want to act fast on these at Your ID Store.


  1. The Secret

    In NY feening for those Beagle Boys and The Pink Panther fitteds. Its so messed up that they only seem to be out of the states. If you know about getting them, please get at me.

    Peace (7 1/2..7 5/8..).7 3/8…last resort

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