Forget the discounts and price slashes (though there will be plenty of those), this year PLNDR, Karmaloop’s members-only fashion site, is giving students what they really want as they go back to school: free tuition. “Education is about access and liberty,” said PLNDR founder Leandrew Robinson, “Meaningful higher education literally opens up doors to opportunity, and accelerates personal and professional growth.” Hit the Jump.

The two-and-a-half-month invite-based contest was born out of Robinson’s wish to offer PLNDR members something truly coveted. Robinson said, “For years before PLNDR, I directed non-profit programs that guided and mentored low-income students, making the dream of college their new reality – now I want to do that for our members.”

Utilizing the company’s invite system (inviting friends to join PLNDR earns members unlimited $10 credits), its renowned rep team (boasting over a 100,000 reps around the world), and a new brand ambassador program, there’s hardly a student or entrepreneur in the United States who won’t be hearing about this contest.

So how does it work? PLNDR is offering $10,000 toward a semester’s tuition or startup costs. Members will be able to acquire votes by inviting friends to join PLNDR and sharing the contest via social networking sites. Each vote counts as an entry and the grand-prize winner will be chosen at random. A second-place prize of $1,000 will also be awarded. Each entrant will have a unique leaderboard tracking their progress and votes on their quest to win $10,000.

To start fresh – with money in your pocket, visit

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