Hiiro Tomita Studios Custom Hand Drawn Hat for DOPE Couture

Hiiro Tomita Studios artist and co-founder, Hiiro Tomita, has created another custom hand drawn hat. This time around, it is for clothing brand DOPE Couture. The piece heavily centers around the embroidered “Paris” drip font on the front panels as the artwork shows a ground view looking up of the Eiffel Tower. Going into detail, the artwork shoes all the support beams and connections as all the lines converge at the top to create a unique perspective on the piece of architecture. The hat is also embroidered with “Dope Couture” on the back. To check out more custom hat artwork or to order your own, go to www.hiirotomita.com


  1. How can get hat like this

  2. fittedright

    You need to visit: http://www.hiirotomita.com
    He draws them custom by hand

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