What Type of Hat Are You?

Our recent fitted vs snapback article garnered a lot of feedback from our readers about which side of the fence they were on in the debate. Many reasons were given as to why they chose to wear either a fitted or snapback, such as personal style, age, and the desire to follow trends. With such strong reactions to the article, we at NECTalk became curious as to – “what type of hat are you?”. This is an era in which¬†boundaries in fashion have been blurred. People are intertwining a variety of styles and trends and are wearing various types of hats to go with many different outfits and styles. We know there are some people who don’t like headwear, but most of us have some type of hat in our wardrobe, and some have a wardrobe full of hats! Some of us may wear them casually, and others use them to accessorize their outfits. For some people, a hat shapes their identities and becomes an extension of their personalities.¬†We want to take the question further to you – our readers – and ask: why do you wear hats? Not just snapbacks or fitteds, but any type of hat – fedoras, army, cowboy hats…anything goes! Hit the jump to see some reasons we came up with. What are yours?

Perhaps you wear a hat for a functional reason: to protect your head on a job site. Or to stay warm during the winter months. Or to act as shade to keep the sweat out of your eyes during the warm summer months.


Maybe you wear a hat to convey a message about who you are. Or to show people your status, for religious or political reasons, or to support your favorite sports team.


Do you wear hats to enhance your personal appearance – to attract attention, make you look taller? Maybe you wear a hat when you’re having a bad hair day. Or maybe you wear a hat because you’re losing hair!? Or do you wear a hat to follow current fashion trends or to accessorize an outfit?


These are some possible reasons why you wear hats. For most of us, these reasons change depending on the occasion, because as the old saying goes: we all wear different hats in our lives, so what are the hats you wear, and why do you wear them? – Let’s hear your reasons here – bring it to the forum for comments.

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