Cap Talk: Women Can Wear Caps Too!

At NecTalk, we know there are die-hard female New Era cap collectors and enthusiasts out there who love, wear and show off their hats. However, it cannot be denied that the baseball cap – fitted or snapback – is a headwear accessory worn far more by men than women. We live in an era in which boundaries in fashion have been blurred and the rules and stereotypes for how a man or a woman should dress in society are no longer being followed as strictly as they once were. This can be seen in pop culture, music, clothing stores and in the streets, which has got us wondering: why do we still not see many women wearing baseball caps? Perhaps women feel that caps are a sports/fashion accessory associated with being worn predominantly by male athletes and young men. Or maybe there aren’t enough caps to appeal to women’s tastes? Or is it possible women prefer other styles of hats to the baseball cap? We aren’t exactly sure, but being that we are the #1 leading New Era-related cap community in the world, we would love to see more women wearing caps and by the end of this article, we hope that we will have inspired some of you, too!

New Era Cap Talk Women Can Wear Caps Too!

We asked a group of women, ranging in ages from 19 to 55, why they don’t wear caps. Many different reasons were given, with the main ones being: caps are too masculine; I look goofy; it will mess up my hair; not something a woman wears; and they make me look too young. We also found the younger the woman the more likely it was that she would be open to the idea of wearing a cap.


So, how can we inspire women to wear caps more often? Here are some reasons we came up with.


Caps can be practical. Having a bad hair day?  Maybe you haven’t had a haircut in a while and those split ends are starting to show. Perhaps it’s one of those humid days that makes it impossible to get your hair just right, or maybe you haven’t had a chance to dye your hair and those roots are starting to show. GASP…. Why stress? No problem a fresh fitted can’t fix. Throw one on, enjoy your day, and worry about your hair hassle tomorrow.


Maybe you’re in a rush? Perhaps you’re late for yoga class, or maybe you want to go for a jog, walk the dog, run to the grocery store, or you’re in a hurry to pick up the kids from school. Throwing on a cap can save you a lot of time, rather than worrying about fixing yourself up. Also, the kids at the school will think you’re the coolest mom there!


Girls! We know a lot of you are big sports fans. Caps are a great way to #WearYourAllegiance to support your favorite teams. Maybe you’re a Yankees fan, or perhaps you support the Toronto Maple Leafs or root for the Buffalo Bills! Whatever team you represent, wear it proudly and #SpeakWithYourCap to let the world know!


If you aren’t sure what style of cap is for you, New Era has got you covered. On their website, they have a section explaining all the different women’s styles of hats, as well as sizing options to make sure you choose the cap that’s right for you. They even have 9FORTY and 9TWENTY Women’s Style caps available, which feature precurved visors and the signiature New Era sticker in pink. These hats come in styles and designs that will appeal to many female sports fans.


Still can’t find a cap you like? Why not make your own? New Era by You allows you to create your own look, and customize a 59FIFTY Fitted or 9FIFTY snapback cap however you choose! There are a variety colors available, such as Bright Rose, Lava Red and Hunter Flame Orange. Also, there are many logos to choose, from leagues including the MLB, MiLB & NBA.


New Era caps aren’t only practical and sporty, they can also be stylish, sensual and sexy. New Era hats can be seen on fashion show catwalks and on the heads of style icons such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian…. and even actress Tina Fey has been spotted keeping warm in a New Era Dog Ear hat!


Currently, New Era is producing caps featuring styles and designs that will appeal to women more than ever before!


Want to feel girly? There are plenty of pink, and even Barbie and Hello Kitty caps available. Want to bring out your wild side? Let everyone hear you roar in caps featuring animal prints in any exotic pattern you can imagine: leopard, cheetah, tiger, snakeskin, crocodile, zebra, etc. Want to show attitude? Rock a Studded 9FIFTY snapback. Want to sparkle? Try on a hat encrusted with Swarovski crystals or one featuring all-over sequins! Want to shine? Do so in a sleek black patent leather 59FIFTY fitted.


New Era has also been collaborating with women’s brands such as Gyda, Joutie and Pantheone – a Parisian brand which produced a collection of dresses made out of New Era caps to show the inner strength that women possess, and also to illustrate the challenges they face in modern-day society. There are also collaborations with designers such as Kenzo Takada (Kenzo), Henry Holland (House of Holland), and Jeremy Scott, which have elevated the baseball cap to high fashion status.


Stylist Rachel Johnson, who recently appeared at New Era NFL Photo Day to give fashion tips, stated “you can always find some kind of New Era headwear that represents who you are.” Based on New Era’s wide variety of caps available to women, we strongly agree with this statement. We are looking forward to seeing more women wearing New Era caps so you can #FlyYourOwnFlag to express how you feel and who you are!


  1. My woman prefer caps from We are motorcycle riders :)

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