CapTalk: Whats on Your Mind Feat. “Corey C”

We’ve decided to super-infuse our Reppin’101 segment and actually get beneath the crown of your baseball hat to see whats really on your mind. Our first ever installment  of this interview styled article features Corey LeFebvre from Tacoma, Washington (most of you know him as BIG C) with his deep range of New Era caps. See what’s on Corey’s mind after the jump! Stay tuned we have a few more on the way! Send us a line with what’s on your mind!


Name: Corey LeFebvre (Big C)

Where are you from? Tacoma, Washington

Social handles: Bigc253 on Instagram 253bigc on twitter.


What are some of your hobbies?


Hanging outside,traveling, drawing, a little painting, I play bass, and I collect fitted caps

Describe your sense of style?


I wear mostly basic blank tees most of the time, The color usually depends on the cap that im planning on wearing. Being from the northwest, it gets cold here so I wear a lot of flannel shirts and henleys and stuff like that. Nothing goes better with a fresh fitted than a dope flannel to match the colorway.


What was your first New Era?
It was a dope fitted from the town i grew up in in North Dakota, i think i got it when i was 11 or 12 years old. The Minot Mallards from a long defunct baseball league i think was called the prairie league. It had a Kelley green crown, red bill and button with a grey underbill. The logo is mean looking duck holding a bat inside a giant red “M” . I have the logo tattooed on my leg.
How many caps do you have?
The last official count had me in at around 130 but the number changes pretty frequently these days


What is your go to cap?
I have like 30 Seattle mariners caps, its usually one of them


What is your all time favorite New Era release?


Probably one of the various Winnie The Pooh fitteds new era releases from time to time in Japan. By the way REWARD for Winnie related Disney caps in a 7 3/4 for anyone reading this that might be able to hook it up! lol


Where do you like to shop?


Usually lids for most of my fitteds, its one of the few places available to me where i live. I like Hatclub a lot for online shopping but ive ordered from basically every hat store online. Ebay can be a good spot to find rare fitteds as well, you just have to be on the hunt


What inspires your selection of cap before leaving the house?


Occasion, weather, where im going, what im doing


Do you wear every cap in your collection?


I have worn every cap i own, but i have a few that i keep hidden away for special occasions or based on rarity.


Do you have a preference in snapbacks or fitteds – why?


I am a fitted guy. To me they fit better (obviously) they are more comfortable, they look cleaner, and they just make more sense haha

Thoughts on the whole snapback revival? – Trend or here to stay?


I would say its here to stay, but i definitely think its going to calm way down. Fitteds have been here since the beginning and they will be here in the end.

Do you have a favorite brand and sports team you always stay true to?


I usually stick with teams from around my area, Mariners, Seahawks, Supersonics, Tacoma Rainiers


What one piece of advice do you have for fellow cap collectors?


Keep the passion for collecting your number 1 priority. There are so many people online that just trash talk and start drama over collecting and it makes me sick. I love fitted caps, and i love collecting. I know people who have 500+ caps in there collections and i know people who have less than 10, to me it doesn’t matter. Its not about a number or about showing off what you have and thinking your cool because the guy next to you doesn’t. If you put on a fitted hat, feels good, it looks good and it makes you happy to have it on your head, than run with it and wear that thing with pride.


Any final words?

Stay fitted!

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