Halloween New Era’s — A Look Back

You may grow out of dressing up and carving pumpkins, but we doubt you’ll ever grow out of wearing baseball caps! Today is Halloween, and we wanted to take a look at the past caps New Era has released for the occasion. So before you go out trick-or-treating, or throwing toilette paper check out our personal favorite New Era Caps Of All Time.  If you are faint of heart, please STOP reading because there are monsters, skeletons, zombies and BRAAAAAINS ahead – READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Monster Series 59FIFTY Fitted Collection – 2007



New Era Interview

Back in 2007, New Era released the Monster Series collection that featured four ghoulish characters: Brain Stew, Mr. Sockets, Split Personality and a Werewolf  Fitted. This series were the first un-licensed caps that New Era’s Lead Designer @Psyfonlabs created for the company. Brain Stew features an  ‘All Brain Everything’ pattern on the cap, with bulging googly eyeballs on the front. Mr. Sockets is a giant skull fitted that is able to turn heads wherever you go. People will generally shout “Dude you have a skull on your head!” I know, because I rocked this cap for the entire 2007 fall season. Split Personality is a two-face style fitted, where one half of the cap displays  a mild-mannered gentleman, while the other side reveals a vampire who ‘vants to suck your blood’. #WerewolfFitted is  a furry, fanged and ferocious yellow-eyed creature that looks like he will rip you to shreds.  Legend has it that @Psyfonlabs actually used 100% authentic werewolf fur to create these caps. (NOT ACTUALLY TRUE)


Toilet Paper & Eggs 59Fifty New Era 59Fifty – 2008




This one isn’t for the well mannered. Are you planning to throw some TP and EGGS this Halloween? If TP-ing, house wrapping or yard rolling is your thing then you may want to track this 2008 New Era release down (which will be nearly impossible to locate). This New Era 59Fifty fitted cap was a New Era New York flagship exclusive. But seriously if you’re doing these mischievous acts don’t get caught cause you might be using that TP to clean up the eggs you just sling shot at your high school principals house.

Maskoween 59FIFTY Fitted Collection – 2008





No Halloween is complete without carving a pumpkin, decorating the house with spooky ghosts and wearing a mask. In 2008, New Era Europe embodied these Halloween staples on 59FIFTY fitteds in their Maskoween Collection. The caps in this drop feature patent leather mask designs on the front in either a white ghost or a jack-o-lantern. Rocking one of these fitteds shows you don’t need to wear a mask to get in the Halloween spirit, but you can also do so wearing a New Era Cap.


New Era Zombie Trapper 59Fifty Dog Ear Fitted – 2012



Holloween New Eras


Braaaaains! Undead head-bashing is at an all-time high due to the popularity of The Walking Dead TV series. New Era released this Zombie Trapper Dog Ear 59Fifty fitted cap for the 2012 Halloween season, in order to get in the spooky spirit. This bright green fitted features plenty of exposed zombie brain from a skull smashed in multiple places.  New Era states that this cap can be worn “in two different ways for two different zombie stages.” Keep the dog ears up for maximum zombie brain exposure! Or pull them down to show even more living dead skin that features a removable ear!  If you wear this cap on Halloween, you’ll be sure to scare all of the little trick or treaters on your block. Wearing it on any day that is not Halloween will probably have others scared for you. Whenever you do decide to rock this hat, just don’t try and use it to frighten someone who has been up past their bed time watching The Walking Dead. That situation may not end well.


The Simpsons Halloween Collection – 2013

The Simpsons Halloween Collection

This year New Era released a few Halloween goods such as the Halloween Frankenstein and the Halloween Voodoman 9Fifty snapbacks. But the main talk around the world was about the first Simpsons New Era collaboration and what a better time to release them then as a Halloween themed collection. The collection saw three 59Fifty fitteds and one 9Fifty snapback New Era with zombie infested Simpson characters.  I don’t know to many people who don’t love the Simpsons so its obvious that this is a collection that won’t last so long at global authorized New Era Dealers. If you already missed out on them make sure you save some left over TP to wipe away the tears!



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