CapTalk: What’s on Your Mind Feat. “Malthe Thomsen”

The New Era Cap brand is infectious and can quickly become an addiction. But as many of the board members say “rather spend my money on fitted hats then on other addictions that alter your health for the worse.” Our next Cap Talk segment goes international with Denmark’s “Malthe Thomsen”. Despite not having the best selection of caps available to him Malthe finds a way to make it work. Hang your hat with him for a minute and see what your fellow NECtalker’ had to say:
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Name: – Malthe Thomsen

Where are you from? – Aarhus, Denmark

Social handles (twitter): – I use Twitter (thomsen_malthe), Instagram (malthethomsen) and Facebook.

What are some of your hobbies? – I don’t really have hobbies like that. I just like to look for new hats, new shoes and new clothing online. I also attend to college.

Describe your sense of style? – I like it simple, one or two colors. I like to make it possible to match.

What was your first New Era? – My first  New Era cap was an all black Yankees hat, with a big Yankees logo. Keep it simple.

How many caps do you have? – Right now I got 29, but my goal is 100, and then I’ll set a new goal.

What is your all time favorite New Era release? – I don’t have one. I think there is a lot of cool releases, but I like the simple ones better.

Where do you like to shop? – I’m from Denmark, and we don’t really have a lot of places to buy cool fitteds, so I buy all my gear online or in America, at Lids.

What inspires your selection of cap before leaving the house? – If I buy new clothing or shoes, I’ll buy a hat to match the outfit.

Do you wear every cap in your collection? – Yes, yes I do. I can’t see the meaning of buying them without wearing them. I won’t let anybody touch my hats, though.

Do you have a preference in snapbacks or fitteds – why? – Fitteds! I grew up with fitteds, and I don’t like the look of snapbacks, and they don’t fit my face, I look stupid. Haha.

Thoughts on the whole snapback revival? – Trend or here to stay? It’s just a trend,in a few years, it’ll be gone.

Do you have a favorite brand and sports team you always stay true to? – No, I don’t care about the teams. I choose what I like to wear, and what looks fresh. But I think my favorite brand is San Francisco Derby. They are fresh.  I hope they will see this, and make it possible to buy their hats online!

What one piece of advice do you have for fellow cap collectors? – Just buy the hats you like, don’t care if people don’t like your hats.

Any final words? – Just wanted to say thanks to NEcaptalk for this. Peace out!

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