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This week we head up north to Canada for a 1 on 1 Cap Talk Segment featuring Niagara Falls native Mike Perri. Get some great insight from Mr.Perri and see What’s on his mind – his favorite shops, favorite brands and things every aspiring collector should know. Hang out with Mike after the jump and see what he has to say!


Name: Mike Perri
Where you from? Thorold, Ontario, Canada (Niagara Falls)
Social handles: Instagram: @PERRIM16 , Twitter: @perri_mike

What are some of your hobbies?

Hockey, Football, photography (amateur), and cap collecting obviously.

Whats the hat game like up in Canada?

Very hockey oriented, makes it hard for me to find those exclusive caps and colours without having to go to the states and in turn having to deal with duty bringing them back home with me and lots of gas.

Any cool stores up there?

Coolest store would have to be the New Era Flagship up in Toronto, I’ve once been once but am planning a trip to go up and meet with some collectors in the area. My girlfriend brought me there and I ended up being in there for over an hour. (3 floors of hats = heaven for me)

Montreal Expos or Toronto Blue Jays fan?

Jays all the way! It was a hard year to swallow but I think they’ll turn it around next year. #lovethisteam

Describe your sense of style?

Very basic, I’m a jeans and a tshirt or hoodie kind of guy, but it always makes it easy to match up my hats to my outfit, starting to get into the New Era Fits clothing and it is too notch quality, worth every penny.

What was your first New Era?

My first new era cap was a Philadelphia Phillies Cooperstown fitted that I got in Philly when I was visiting family 5 years ago.

How many caps do you have?

Right now I have 130 caps total, but I have a bunch of online orders that have yet to come in. After they all come in I’ll be at about 145-ish.

What is your go to cap?

My go to cap for right now would have to be my Toronto Maple Leafs alternate logo cap. With the NHL season finally started up again and the leafs playing some stellar hockey I’m always trying to rock one of my leafs fitteds.

Out of your whole collection which piece is most unique?

My most unique piece would have to be my Toronto Blue Jays 59th Anniversary cap of the 59Fifty. Not only is it limited edition but, my girlfriend actually drove to the Toronto Flagship Store (an hour and a half drive) and got it for me and surprised me with it in her trunk.

What is your all time favorite New Era release?

My all time favorite New Era release would have to be a Hong Kong released hat. I am pretty sure it is called the WTC 59Fifty, but it is a basic cap (all one colour) and has the famous 59Fifty sticker as the main logo on the cap. To me even though it is a very basic cap I find it to be my favorite because finally there’s a hat that shows off that famous sticker that I love so much. (and hide on the underside on my brims; never keep them on top!)

What inspires your selection of cap before leaving the house?

My selection of cap before leaving the house is inspired by 2 things. One being does it match my outfit and two being did that team just lose the night before. Even though most of my hats are not my favorite teams I’ve realized if your wearing a team that lost the night before your most likely going to get chirped throughout the day, so I like keeping that to a minimum if I can.

Do you wear every cap in your collection?

I wear almost every cap in my collection, there are a couple of my older ones that fit tight now so I don’t wear them. The only hat as of right now that I won’t wear out is my 59th anniversary of the 59Fifty cap, I wore it 2 or 3 times out and the whole time I was paranoid about getting it rained on or dirty so it stays on a rack now on display.

Do you have a preference in snapbacks or fitteds – why?

I am a fitted guy 110%. I find they fit a lot better, feel a lot better and look a lot better. There’s a lot of snapbacks that have way too much going on, whereas with fitteds, they keep them a lot more basic.

Thoughts on the whole snapback revival? – Trend or here to stay?

I think the whole SnapBack trend is going to stay. It will get a lot less popular but I think you won’t ever see them pretty much go extinct like they did before. They have a lot of cool designs and the price tags are lower so people who are less into having a lot of hats tend to go the SnapBack route I find.

Do you have a favorite brand and sports team you always stay true to?

My favorite brand would obviously be New Era, I do not have 1 fitted that isn’t a 59Fifty, I’ve tried on some Mitchell & Ness fitteds because of all the vintage logos they have but the fit and quality doesn’t match up to what the 59Fifty brings to the game. As for teams, I am pretty much open to every team except the Yankees, Canadiens, Patriots & Cowboys as they have big rivalries with my teams and for the Pats, I just can’t stand Tom Brady.

What one piece of advice do you have for fellow cap collectors?

If you want to be a true cap collector, go for quality over quantity. When I first started I always thought you needed 800 hats to be a serious collector, but if you take your time and find the exclusive designs or colourways, your collection will look that much better even if your not into the hundreds for caps. And if your going to post your hats online take the time to set them up properly and figure out different backgrounds and props to use to bring out the hats qualities and history even more. Any hat can look nice, but if you match it with a solid picture people will start being more interested in your collection.


Any final words?

Fly your own flag everyday of the year, it’s what can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.




  1. loving all his Jays hats. #lovethisteam

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