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Could it be that Canadian’s are the most intense hat collectors on the planet? From what we’ve seen their isn’t one Country that has shown more intense hat collectors then another. The New Era virus is a global phenomenon that has spread like wild fire and we’ve seen some large collections from all continents. This week we have guest collector Andrew Mitchell from Toronto, Ontario talking what’s on his mind with you. Stay tuned for more from your fellow cap collectors!


Name: Andrew Mitchell
Where are you from? Toronto Ontario

Social handles: Instagram:Mitchell_21 – Twitter:Amitchell_416

What era of Jays logo is your favorite?

I have two one is the 1977-1996 classic logo and the new 2012 one I actually have a tattoo of that one

Do you have all the Toronto Blue Jays 59Fifty anniversary hats?

I have two of the 59th Anniversary ones the one with the stitched “sticker” and a regular fitted one as well

Do you prefer shopping at New Era Toronto or New Era Buffalo?

By far New Era Toronto best selection for any Toronto cap by far

When and how did you get started collecting New Era hats?

About 4 years ago

What was your first New Era?

My first new era hat ever was a baby blue Atlanta Braves hat

How many caps do you have?

right now i am at about 250

What is your go to cap?

My go to cap is the 2012 Blue jays on-feild


Out of your whole collection which piece is most unique?

I have two that are very unique one is my custom Blue Jays that i got to make while i was in Buffalo N.Y. at the New Era Headquarters and my two OVO fest Blue Jay hats

What is your all time favorite New Era release?

By far is when they came out with the Diamond Era Collection

What inspires your selection of cap before leaving the house?

Combination of weather and what mood I’m in

Do you wear every cap in your collection?

I try to wear every cap granted there are a couple I Haven’t worn and probably wont

Fitted or Snapback?

Im a fan of both Fitteds and Snapbacks mostly Fitteds

Thoughts on the whole snapback revival? – Trend or here to stay?

I like that they came back use to wear them growing up so its a good throwback. And they are here to stay

What one piece of advice do you have for fellow cap collectors?

Its not about how many caps you have its about the passion you have for them

Any final words? Big shout out to all of #crewera13

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