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With three full stacks of fitted & snapback hats this weeks Cap Talk segment is from all the way across the pond with “Maciek Krol” from Poland speaking his mind.  He talks about his views on the whole snapback vs fitted debate, his honest opinion about New Era clothing and where he picks up most of his caps. Hit the jump to see what’s on Macieks mind. – What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at



Name: Maciek Krol



Where are you from? I’m from Poland but currently living in London , UK

Social handles: macall84 for both Instagram and Twitter


Describe your collection, do you have more team or branded styled hats?

I have all variety, from sports related to fashion hats through  comic characters ones, regarding team ones I don’t support any of the teams so it’s a lot easier for me, I just pick up the ones that get my attention and team name or logo doesn’t really matter!
Looks like you have a few plaid pieces what do you like about them?

Yeah i do have a few of the plaid ones, I have picked those because of the colorway and fabrics, I’m really happy with my last plaid hat which is LA Dodgers 5950 with sick colorway and fabrics that has been used to make that hat!


You have quite the large collection – How many do you have and how do you store all of them?

At the moment I have 140+ New Eras. I’m expecting a couple of care packages so that will be another 10+ hats.  Firstly, I have to say that I don’t have any more space to keep them!! But they still keep coming in and I can’t stop getting them! For the hats that I use now during winter season I use the New Era Cap Storage system. I have three of those hanging in my closet. Hats for spring and summer are kept in four large plastic containers.

59Fifty vs. 9Fifty which one would you chose and why?

Most collectors I know are true fitted guys and the don’t have any snapbacks, with me it’s different I’m not against 9fiftys but I prefer 5950 they just feel better. Some of the snapbacks have sick designs and colorways and if I really like it I will cop it!!! If I break down my collection there will be 75% fitteds and 25% snapbacks.

Do you have any New Era Accessories or clothing? 

Yes!!! I already mentioned New Era Cap Storage System, I have 2 wallets, coffee mug, stickers, 2 New Era Casio G-Shocks, key rings, pens, all sort of sprays to keep my hats Fresh and Clean, brushes, pins… I even have a stress ball with New Era logo on It! Unfortunately I don’t have any tees or jumpers. I have to say that the quality of apparel is not what it used be…

What would you say is New Era’s best release to date?

That’s difficult, but I’ll say that the recent drop of MiLB customs totally have hooked me with Minor League logos and styles!

In your neck of the woods what is the main spot to buy your hats?

I live in London and I’m lucky enough to have 2 flagship stores, London Soho and London Startford so these 2 places are my second homes and feeding me with hats regularly! I get my hats from United States too I have a lot of good people there who look after my addiction! Big shout out to them, You know who You are!

Do you remember your first hat and when you started collecting?

Of course! It was black on black fitted that I bought in Footlocker back in late 2007, I still have it somewhere…

What inspires your selection of cap before leaving the house?

Well picking a hat that I will wear for a day is tough, it may take a few minutes to decide which one will be the one… But I try to match hat to my sneakers, tees or jumpers! Gotta present myself good !

Do you wear every cap in your collection?
Yes I wore every hat that I bought! There is one rule that I follow, I buy only hats that I will wear!

What one piece of advice do you have for fellow cap collectors?

Be Yourself and represent that with Your fresh New Era! Fly Your Own Flag.



Any final words?

Never leave Your house without New Era on Your head! Peace!


  1. dope interview,, good insight on a great collection!

  2. Haha. Cool sir. Thanks for helping to cop kenzo new era from website and ship to me at indonesia. It is first time I have helping from outsite people. U re the best!

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