Cap Talk: What’s On Your Mind?

On this weeks “Cap Talk:  What’s on your mind” segment we go across the globe straight from Belgium for our interview with cap collector John Janssens.  John talks to us about building his own custom cap wall, when he first started collection and his three top favorite pieces he’s purchased so far. Make sure you hit the jump for detailed responses. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at


Name: John Janssens

Where are you from? Villers-la-Ville, Belgium

Social handles: Instagram : @biggjay74, Facebook : with my own name

Where did you get that 59FIfty sign on the top of your hat wall? Ho! I simply bought those letters in a decoration shop. I think they have a good finish but now I have to paint it in gold!

How did collecting get started for you? it started in 2005 simply by buying my first NY Yankees hat with a brown colorway, after that, I wanted another, then another, then another … hahaha

What inspired you to make a cap wall? How long did it take and was it difficult to set up? At the beginning, I had a closet that quickly became to small, so I made the decision to build my own NE wall. I don’t really know what inspired me for it. That took me more or less 2 hours to build it with my father, and if you have some tools, it’s really easy to make it.


cap wall


For you where are the best places to buy hats? Any specialty shops? In Belgium there are 2 shops where I bought sometimes (Stoemp street wear shop at Louvain-la-Neuve, and Step Up at Brussels), but a lot of classics, and many many snapbacks… So for me it’s difficult cause I dislike snapbacks!

Where do you wish the next flagship New Era store would be? In Belgium of course! That would be so pretty good us

You have a really good mix of hats, mlb, football, superhero etc. What are your thoughts on  your collection in the future? I don’t feel my collection is better than an other, these are just the styles and colorways I love. I have some branded caps too (Lakai, DVS, Dcshoes, Alife,..) and I think I’ll focus more on branded caps in the future.

What are your top three hats out of your collection?  Hahaha not easy to choose. Jeremy Scott blue snakeskin, LA dodgers straw cap (Hawaiian style) and LA dodgers 59th anniversary edition (I really love the finishing of this one!)

John Janssens Cap Talk Interview

What are some of your other hobbies? Playing Football, travels, photography,…

Do a lot of people in your entourage collect caps? Ho no, some of my friends have 5 or 6 caps. Only my good friend Stéphane (Instagram @new_era_addict) has a huge and great collection. But with the social networks, now I know a lot of collectors out of Belgium and some help me to grow up my collection (for exemple, Maciek Krol sent me the Dodgers 59th anniversary cap from London)

What do your friends and family think about your collection? Some of them say that I’m crazy, but the most of my friends and my family think it’s great and “colorful”.

What one piece of advice do you have for fellow cap collectors? If you like it, buy it! And if you buy it, wear it. Don’t let your cap sit in a closet.

What does NewEraCapTalk mean to you? Neweracaptalk is a great place to pick up info and to see other collections!

Any final words? Fly your own flag and be proud to wear your caps!


  1. MarcoMarco

    Great collection for a great guy!! Jah bless our Big John! ;)


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