Cap Talk: What’s On Your Mind?

On this weeks Cap Talk – What’s on Your Mind feature we connect with NewEraCapTalk forum member John Doe for a 1 on 1 Q&A series.  You really don’t want to miss the heavy amount of photos of his collection and what he has to say about his New Era Cap collection, his preference in style of hats and really a bunch of other stuff that’s on his mind! What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at

Name:   John Doe / 1200 Hobos
Where are you from?  Cincinnati, Ohio
Social handles:  @johndoe1200hobos on Instagram, JohnDoe1200Hobos on Facebook, and johndoe1200hobos on YouTube.
How long have you been collecting New Era Caps for?
Since 1991, so 20 years and change.
We see some patch series, vintage classics, and minor league fitteds in your collection, are these the only hats you focus on collecting?
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Not necessarily.  I also like current on-fields, just like everyone else.  I’ll get teams in alternate/custom colorways and discontinued on-fields in addition to retro reproductions, throwbacks, special events caps and Turn Back the Clocks hats. All of these styles fall in line with me.  I’m a pretty basic guy, so no hats with oversized logos or shiny materials.  On-field fitteds with a side patch is is about as fancy as I get.
What is your connection to the Cincinnati Reds?


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Cincinnati is my birthplace, hometown, and current residence.  Growing up a military brat, I had classmates that didn’t have a hometown.  I went to high school in the Philippines with American students that had never been to the US, and didn’t know the difference between Ohio and Iowa. I repped Cincinnati while I was growing up because no one else could, and what better team than the Reds?  Pete Rose breaking Ty Cobb’s hit record in 1985 and the Reds winning the World Series in 1990.  I go to home games as much as I can nowadays.
Are you aiming to collect each team of on-field authentic caps?

I’d love to have them all, I only have a few more to go.

What are your favorite top 3 caps out of your collection?

That’s a difficult question, but I’ll pick the first 3 that come to mind:  Cincinnati Reds in the Atlanta Braves colorway, Cincinnati Reds in the Cincinnati Bengals colorway, and the all red current Reds on-field customized with the Philippine flag on the side.

What do you enjoy the most about your personal hat collection?

That each cap, no matter how different, is basic, with a classic logo, sometimes with a colorway twist and a backstory to it.

Where do you like to shop for your hats?

My local Lids, Hat Club out west, Champs/Foot Locker stores out of town, New Era Flagship stores (NY, Buffalo, Atlanta, Chicago, London, and Stratford), and the various ballparks I’ve been to.  Online I like Cranium Fitteds, MLB Shop, Hat Land, and eBay.

Couldn’t help notice from some of the pictures, do you collect Vinyl records?

I do collect records, although I’m more of a scratch DJ/turntablist than an actual record collector per se.  I’m an original member of the 1200 Hobos DJ crew.
Any other hobbies?

Food (cooking/eating/exploring), sneakers (I’m a Nikehead, I make tapes that excite the Feds), traveling, going to different ballparks, MiLB and MLB.  I also like books on etymology and grammar.

How do you normally store your caps?

I have shelves in my closet that hold 14 rows of hats of about 10 to 14 each.
Would you ever consider building a cap wall?
Sure, I can find space for one.

NewEraCapTalk – what does it mean to you?
Nice to know that there are other collectors out there with both similar and differing tastes.  It’s great to connect with people who “get it” since a lot of non-collectors don’t understand our passion (obsession?) for New Era fitteds.
What one piece of advice do you have for fellow cap collectors?
Wear everything in your collection, and rotate through.  Just like my sneakers and records, they all get used.
Any final words?
Shout out to all the members on the forum that I’ve touched base with, and thanks to New Era Cap Talk for the Q and A!


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