Cap Talk: What’s On Your Mind?

One of our personal favorite places to visit has to be Italy. Our next Cap Talk – What’s on your mind interview comes direct from Rome, Italy with “Terence Ferrara”. This dude holds down Italy hard and represents Italian New Era fans  in a positive fashion. See what he has to say after the jump! What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at




Name: Terence Ferrara

Where are you from? Rome, Italy

Social handles: Twitter & Instagram: tennets_bi Vine:

How long have you been collecting New Era Caps for?

I think it is since 2006 that I started collecting hats, my first New Era was a Dodgers basic. It all started as a pure pleasure, it is now a need, a drug. I can not leave home without hat.

Where do you get most of your hats?

Most of them I bought from the official website of New Era or during my travels in France and Spagnia. The other (Those custom) on USA sites.

If someone was visiting Rome and wanted to get a new era hat, what shops would you send them to?

Unfortunately, in Rome there aren’t any “New Era Flagship Stores” (the nearest is located in London) then the only alternative is “Foot Locker” or some street wear shop in downtown areas.  But I’d recommend buying them online, sometimes you find the rare items of value.

The way you store your hats is a thing of beauty. Would you recommend every collector have these storage systems?

new-era-cap-talk-hat collector-interview

Thank you. yes, I recommend it because I think it’s the best way to stay clean and tidy. The storage systems that I use is very convenient to carry many hats while traveling.

Judging by the five St-Louis Cardinal fitted hats are you a fan of team or just like their logo?

new-era-cap-talk-hat collector-interview-st-louis-cardinals

That’s right, I’m a huge fan of the St Louis Cardinals and have been for years. This year they even came close to winning the World Series. It’s rare to find a person in Italy disinterested in soccer but surprisingly I’m one of them. As you can see from my hats I follow assiduously Baseball and American Football.

Do you find that cap culture is strong in Italy or are people not as connected as you?

I think that in Italy there are few fans like me, the majority are wearing these hats only for fashion. For me it is a matter of style!

You have many NFL hats, are you aiming to get all the teams?

Hehe, actually, I have collected all the NFL teams (as well as MLB). I was hoping that New Era won the license for the NFL and finally since last season happened! I have not missed a team!

We have to ask, do they broadcast NFL games in Italy?

Fortunately matches of the regular season in Italy are shown on a sports network (Mediaset Italia2). As regards to the post-season the only recourse I have is the Official streaming with NFL (Game Pass).

How many times a week do your friends ask you to borrow your hats?

new-era-cap-talk-hat collector-interview-collection

Basically it’s a continuous requests of friends coming in and out of the house with my hats, for the most strange color combinations. I only do this is for my most trusted friends. I love all of my hats so I don’t want anyone to ruin them because each of them has a story, a journey, an event, so I lend only to a small circle of friends.

Out of your collection what are your top three favorite caps?

My three favorites hats are, STL Cardinals Diamond Era 59Fifty, City Series special Brooklyn 59Fifty (Japan Exclusive) and Brooklyn Cyclones 9Fifty Snapback (Very rare MiLB Exclusive)

What piece of advice do you have for other New Era fans?

I have two recommendations only. The first is if you see a hat you like, do not think about it, buy it, otherwise one day you will regret it because once you have finished a series it is difficult to find that hat, this is a personal experience ;). The second and most important is NOT RUINED YOUR HATS!

Any final words?

Everything starts from the head, a way of thinking, a way of speaking or a way of dressing. Like visiting NewEraCapTalk means that in my head there is a way to LIVE! You can’t live without your head on your shoulders or a New Era hat on your head! ;)


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