House of Holland New Era Second Delivery

Their was alot of talk about a second collection in the works between global hat manufacturer New Era Cap and House of Holland. Sure enough that talk was legit and the second round of 9Fifty snapbacks is found jam packed with a total of six caps dubbed the Sacred Heart, Tropical Dove, Lace and the Leopard Rose that you see displayed above. These pieces are now available via New Era Europe. See close ups of the cap after the jump.

house-of-holland-new-era-cap-collection-5 house-of-holland-new-era-cap-collection-4 house-of-holland-new-era-cap-collection-3 house-of-holland-new-era-cap-collection-2 house-of-holland-new-era-cap-collection-1 house-of-holland-new-era-cap-collection

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