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On this weeks Cap Talk we touch down back in the U.S. via Brooklyn, New York, with Thomas Brown who believes that hats aren’t only about collecting but more of a lifestyle. One of our favorite lines out of this interview from Thomas was when he says “There is no hate in the fitted cap collector game.”  We believe that if your a fitted head you stand by that cause you completely and utterly understand the hat seen.   What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at




Name:   Thomas Brown
Where are you from?  From Brooklyn, NY now living in Fayetteville NC
Social handles:  @brooklynsdad on Twitter @brooklynsdad1 on Instagram
Fitted Hat Size? 7 1/8

How did it all start?
I have been wearing fitted hats for as far back as I can remember.   When it was time to get ready to hang out, my boys and I  would go buy a new pair of wheat Timberlands and a fresh Navy blue Yankees fitted.  It’s a lifestyle to me.


What’s it like being from Brooklyn and a hat collector?
Growing in New York you had to be fashionable at all times.  Nothing was more fashionable to me, than having a different color fitted to match whatever outfit I was wearing.  I have always been a Yankees fan,  I use to go Yankee stadium with my dad as a kid.  Some of my friends were “sneakerheads“ but I never got into that, I  have always just been a cap collector. Nothing says NY or Brooklyn like a Navy blue Yankees fitted.


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Are you happy about the Nets moving to Brooklyn? 
I think it is good for the borough of Brooklyn.  It has definitely brought a lot of money and opportunity to the streets of Brooklyn.  I am however a loyal NY Knicks fan but I do have a few Brooklyn Nets hats in my collection, mainly because my daughter’s name is Brooklyn.


What was your first hat? 
That would probably be just a basic navy blue Yankee hat. I don’t think it was even a fitted, it was a snapback, way  back before they came back in style.  I would wear it everyday with everything.


How long have you been collecting for?
I have been wearing hats forever, but I would say that I really became a collector 3 years ago. I have never been into sneakers.  Like I mentioned before, a complete outfit to me has always been a fresh pair of Tims and a new fitted.   Hats use to be just another part of my outfit, then I started getting different styles and stacking them in my closet.  I had to keep coming up with ways to store them because the collection kept growing.  Thanks to your website I realized that there were people out there that shared my passion.  That’s when it became more than a fashion statement and became a collectible.


Approximately how many hats do you own? 
I lost count after 100, but I would say around 160. I haven’t passed the 200 mark yet.  But I will this year.
What’s the evolution of your hat game been like over the years?
I have begun to broaden my taste and not get too consumed on just one team.  My collection now consists of MLB, MiLB, Hockey, NBA and  NFL.  I even have a few entertainment hats, such as Marvel, Disney and Coca-Cola.  Focusing on one team limits the amount of hats that are available to you.


2014-01-13 20.05.44
How often do you hit up the Flagship New Era store in Manhattan? 
Whenever I go home to visit I try to hit them up.  I love that place. There is a store here in Greensboro, NC but it’s not a flagship.


Out of all the selection of hat stores you have which ones are your favorite to visit? 
There is a local Lids store here in the mall in Fayetteville that I visit at least once a week.  Since I moved from NY I order most of my hats online., and
Saw that you have the hat brush from Hat Club and the spray cleaner from lids how is the combination and does it really keep your hats clean?
That is a great combination that every hat collector needs to have.  It is also a good idea to keep a few lint brushes around.
Do you stick to New York themed caps or do you sometimes go out of your comfort zone?  
Recently I have been going out of my comfort zone and getting themed hats like the Marvel and Disney collection.  I am in the process now of trying to get every MLB team on-field hat.  But my loyalty still remains to the Yankees and Knicks.
What are your three favorite caps out of your collection?
My Spike Lee 27 time world series champion hat is definitely one of my favorites.  Then I would have to say my Mariano Rivera retirement hat and lastly the #42 Jackie Robinson hat.
What do you like most about Nectalk? 
I love that hat collectors such as myself have a forum online where we can discuss and show off our collections.  I like the Reppin 101 section so I can check out other people’s collection.


Any advice or questions for other hat collectors?
I would advise fellow collectors not to get too caught up in the quantity of hats in their collection, and focus on the quality of the collection.  Stay true to what you believe in and don’t try to compete with other collectors.  We do this because it’s a lifestyle, I follow plenty of guys on twitter and Instagram with much larger collections than I have and they inspire me.  There is no hate in the fitted cap collector game.
Final Words? 
I would like to thank you guys for giving me the opportunity the share my collection with others.  Thanks for giving a voice to the cap collector. Thanks to New Era for keeping the caps coming and being a great company.  Thanks to all the fellow cap collectors out there especially my fitted family on Instagram.  #stayfitted

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