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On this weeks Cap Talk  Zachary Alexander holds the fort down huge with his New Era collection. Its been about four years that he’s started collecting on a higher level and it’s grown to a collection that many people wish they had! It ranges from authentic onfield caps, to NFL, to specialty releases. Check out the jump and make sure you read this interview with Zach – You won’t be dissapointed! What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at

Name: Zachary Alexander
Where are you from? Dayton, Ohio
Social handles: ztotheb92 (Instagram & Twitter)
Fitted Hat Size: 7 5/8
How long have you been collecting for?
I have been wearing hats my entire life but have only been seriously collecting for about 4 years now.
What is your collection comprised of?
My collection is mostly filled with MLB Authentic’s hats but I have Cooperstown, NFL, NHL, NCAA, MiLB, Clink Room, and they are all fitted’s.
What’s your favorite team and how did you become a Yankees fan being from Dayton, Ohio and not the Reds?
Baseball is my favorite sport and I’ve been a Yankees fan my entire life. My family was not that huge into baseball when I was younger, and when I was in little league and going to baseball camps the one person everybody always talked about was Derek Jeter. Not just about how good at the sport he was but how he was a good role model and how you wanted to act as a professional so I ended up by being a fan of the team he was on which happened to be the Yankees.
What was your first hat?
The first time I bought a hat I actually got 2 of them and one was the reds road authentic with the red top and black bill, and the other was an all black Yankees fitted.
What thoughts ran through your head when you found out you could purchase NFL New Era’s?
I was really happy when I heard new era was getting the NFL hats finally, because I never liked anything that reebok ever put out with the stretch fits. The 59fifty style is my favorite so it was nice to finally be able to wear NFL hats.
What made you get two vintage Mighty Duck New Era 20th anniversary hats?
Mighty Ducks was my favorite movie growing up so when I saw that there was going to be hat like that I could not pass up getting a few of them. It’s one of my favorite looking logos in any sport.
Stickers on or off?
I personally cannot take my stickers off fast enough. I like the hat to be very normal looking and I like being able to work the bill some without having a sticker bubble up in top of the bill.
Where would you say you shop for your fitted hats?
new-era-cap-talk-collector 3
I have worked at Lids for a while now so I do most of my shopping there or at New Era. I also really like what HatClub has been doing with The Clink Room and also what 4UCaps has up on there site.
How do you typically store all of these hats?
new-era-cap-talk-collector 2
I keep most of my authentic’s on a wall that I put up after watching a video by Benjamin Christiansen (@shakebrodie) on YouTube about how to do it. All of the other caps I have are sorted out on shelves that I have set up in my room in rows and in display boxes.
What are your three favorite caps out of your collection?
I would have to say my 3 favorites are the basic Yankees authentic, the MiLB Myrtle Beach Pelicans & the Lakeland Flying Tigers hat that the Clink Room released.
What’s your favorite thing about the site?
I like that there is a place where cap collectors can go to discuss things that are happening with new era and also a place where you can see other collections that people have going. It is nice to be able to connect with other people about something you are passionate about.
What do you think the hat game is evolving to?
I think that hats are evolving to something more than just a thing to wear. For me it’s a way to represent myself out in public with things or teams that I like and also where I’m from. I wear a lot of Reds things out of town because it’s where I’m from and I see a lot more people doing that now as well.


  1. Nice collection.. U give me inspiration to build my collection bigger and better..salute

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