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On this weeks Cap Talk – What’s on your mind feature, Connor O’Toole from Hertfordshire, England connects with us to chop up some caps. Not your average collector, Mr.O’Toole has several interest New Era artifacts in his collection including a New Era sign that you’ll definitely want to scope out. But don’t take our word for it continue reading after the jump. What’s on your mind? Want to show off your collection – hit us up at

Name: Connor O’Toole
From: Hertfordshire England
Social handles: Con, Con-man, Pat-Fleak (in the uk we call fitted caps flat peaks)
Size: 7 5/8
Where and how did you get you hands on that New Era sign?
cap collector collection
I found the sign kicking around on ebay one day, I have always been after a Store sign and this one was perfect! Except I had to drive 100 miles to get it! still well worth it! Turns out the owner used to work EXPO’S and happened to have done a New Era one in the past so grabbed himself some memorabilia! We’re actually still in touch as he collects rare pieces also! shouts to you Dean!
You have a good amount of fitted hats with the New Era flag on the front crown – How do you fly your own flag?
This is a nice question! I try my hardest to fly my own flag wherever I go, be it work, clubs, doctors, or even just sitting at home! In my view flying “MY” flag is when I get people coming up to me, collectors or not, making comments on my headgear! Most recently the more often made comment is ” do you have a cap for every day of the year or something?” as I try to never wear the same cap twice within the space of a few weeks at least!
Specialty caps are a huge part of your collection. Which is your favorite out of them? The Bugs Bunny Melt?
Close! I actually only got that recently so still making bonds with that hat! haha nah i would have to say my favorite has got to be either my zombie marvin the martian or the animal cannibal tasty collection rabbit. I like my caps to grab peoples attention and these 2 certainly do the trick! unfortunately my ACTC rabbit got left in a friends car one night, and he wasn’t a collector, so when i eventually got it back it was in awful condition…I have tried my hardest to get it back to normal but as you can see its not in the greatest condition anymore!
Living in England do you prefer one flagship New Era store over another?
Well the closest to me is Westfield’s Stratford and that’s not even Flagship…The closest flagship store is Soho London and I rarely visit that one to be honest. I prefer Stratford as I’ve been going there for a few years now, I know most of the staff, I get exclusive sneak peaks at new collections and also a little friends and family discount doesn’t hurt the cause what so ever! haha but yeah I would have to say that one for sure, great environment, staff are very friendly and helpful and each trip I make there is an enjoyable one!
Do you prefer shopping on-line or directly in store?
Now this is a hard one…I prefer to see my caps up close and personal. Even though they are “fitted” any true cap collector can tell you that just because it comes in your size doesn’t exactly mean its going to fit the way you hoped! Many times I’ve bought a cap on-line in my size and its unbearably tight! Or the crown is too tall etc, there’s lots of factors you have to take into account with size! But…having said that…I much prefer to buy on-line,mainly Ebay. reason for this is because I try to keep my collection as RARE as possible, and ebay is the place to go for dead stock caps or rare character caps! also the NECTalk forum is Great for singling  out the caps you’re after!
How do you wear your cap? Sticker on or off?
On…always on! even have extra stickers for my size just in case… People ALWAYS ask “Why do you leave the sticker on????” My answer is usually ” you wouldn’t buy a Mercedes and take the badge off the bonnet now would you…” to me the sticker is the authenticity!
Who do you wish to see New Era collaborate with?
Honestly I couldn’t say! I love 99% of their collaborations so it wouldn’t really matter to me! but if I had it my way it would have to be Arron Martin of Angry Woebots again…there was a limited edition release of fitted caps in Hawaii and I hunt for this cap every single day! failing that MONSTA (Redeyemonsta) is a local artist who’s style I very much like! also  IDOL JOE, a group of graffiti artists who’s style is Dope to say the least!
Do you have any other team fitteds other than the Yankees or do you wear your allegiance specifically to the Yankees?
I’m sure I own a few others but Strictly Yankee’s I’m afraid! for me its the “Classic” baseball cap and logo that globally everybody will recognize! that and the fact that being British and not the biggest lover of sports, I have absolutely no clue who the teams are and what sport they play! so Yeah, Keep it simple for me and stick to the NY Yankees!
Do you wear all of your hats?
Honestly….NO! I’d say about half my collection is not even my size! being 7 5/8 its hard to find a cap that I like AND fits, so if I see one I like and its either too small or big, I’ll buy it anyway just for the sake of getting to look at it most days haha it sounds so sad! but there’s no feeling like knowing that even though you cant show it off, its YOURS if you know what I mean? I wear a cap every single day of my life without fail but I tend to cycle different styles, colour ways and collaborations etc..gotta keep the people guessing!!
Out of your whole collection what are your top three favorite?
I’d say these are my top 3, my style day in day out!
What are some of the rarest things out of your collection?
Besides the New Era sign, the transformer toy caps and….
…my hat rack.
What do you enjoy about Nectalk?
Whats not to enjoy? great site, very user friendly! updates of fresh merchandise and new styles being launched etc! the Reppin 101 Feature, The videos…its just generally an all round great site for any collector! Not to mention the Forum that covers every single thing you would ever need to know about a cap! plus the market place is a heaven for any true collector looking for specific caps! So yeah its just the best all round cap site out their I’d say!
Any final words?
Yeah, I just wanted to say thanks for the interview! its nice to know that all the effort I put into collecting and tracking down specific caps doesn’t go un-noticed! and keep up the hard work with the site! Honestly the updates and forum get abused daily by me alone! haha also one last thing… If ANOYONE comes across the ANGRY WOEBOTS X FITTED HAWAII  New Era Cap then please please please track me down! haha! peace!

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